Episode 027: The One that Questions Who YOU Are Attracting

The One that Questions Who YOU Are Attracting

I want to ask you a question: are you marketing to your patients or are you marketing to other dentists? The reason I ask is we see a lot of dentists who have websites that look like they’re trying to get other dentists to become their patients. We see procedural videos, clinical videos showing how you prep crowns and how you do dentistry. We see before and after videos with the big meat hooks pulling back on their cheeks showing how great and perfect the cases are and how immaculate they look. We see case studies and papers with dozens and dozens of pages on them talking about different, new advancements in dentistry and new technologies that have come out and how so and so is leading the pack and educating this and that and it really makes me wonder there’s a lot of dentist that are out there that are educators and of course you want to stay with the latest and greatest but does all that belong on your website? Is that putting your best foot forward with your patients giving them all this clinical jargon and knowledge and just giving them absolute information overload with the technical how to portions of what you do as a dentist? I don’t think so. Patients are concerned about very simple things: Is it going to hurt? How much is it going to cost? Is this guy the right guy for my needs? Is he the best at what he does? Posting a 25 page case study or clinical videos on how you should be prepping a crown or should be prepping a tooth for a veneer or should be putting an implant in doesn’t answer any of the driving questions in a patient’s mind. When you’re developing your marketing and your website think to yourself, you’re a dentist, you love dentistry obviously you became a dentist, are you marketing to your patients or is this your passion and you’re truly marketing to other dentists with your services?


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