Episode 025: The One About Mass Deletion of Your Emails

Mass Deletion of Your Emails

I had an interesting conversation with a doc today who was questioning the viability, the purpose, the results, the effectiveness of email marketing and reaching out and touching people who have raised their hand on your website to get more information to learn more about you and specifically his question was, Colin I’ve got all these email lists I belong to , I get 100 emails a day and I delete 97 of them, what good is there for me to send out emails to my prospects or my potential patients or my patients when everybody I know just deletes this stuff all the time? I answered his question with a question and I said to him, the three you didn’t delete what were they? He told me one of them was an investing newsletter that he reads that he was getting ready to make some investing decisions and I think he was getting ready to do a Roth IRA rollover, one of them was a personal hobby he belonged to I believe it was scuba diving, we exchanged some stories I enjoy scuba diving a little bit too and I don’t remember what he said the third thing was and I said the 97 that you deleted what were they about and he said it was stuff I wasn’t interested in and I said you answered your own question. People are going to delete a lot of your emails. People sort their email with their delete button, just as when they go out to their mailbox they walk into their kitchen and they are literally sorting their mail over the trash can, not even opening stuff that doesn’t look interesting, they’re also sorting their email with the delete button or in my case I don’t even use the delete button I use the mass delete button. I go down my email and put checkboxes on everything I want to delete and then I click the delete button once and get rid of 50 emails at a time. A lot of your prospects are going to delete a lot of your emails but that doesn’t mean the ones that have the immediate interest in what you offer and what you do those are going to be the ones that read what you have, digest the information that you give them, those are the ones that you want to be putting stuff in front of. There’s no way to know where exactly somebody is at if they’re in the early research phases or way down the road in which they already know what they need or what they want they’re just trying to find the right provider or maybe they already know you’re the right provider and they’re ready to pull the trigger but they’re just right on the fringe so unfortunately a lot of times when you’re emailing out to your list you’re don’t know which one’s which, that’s why email’s so cheap you just send it to everybody, the one’s that don’t want it delete it and the one’s that do want it appreciate it and become your patients because of it.


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