Episode 023: The One About Using Infusionsoft

Using Infusionsoft

Hey, good afternoon. Colin Receveur here. Today is Wednesday, January 30th and had some thoughts following up to yesterday’s podcast. Had some people that were confused about my position because I talked about kinda contradicting Vaynerchuk’s position, but then I also said that we offer automatic follow-up systems. So, I wanted to clarify what we do, how we do it, and why we don’t advocate spending hours a day on facebook that’s never going to get you new patients. Spending hours a day on facebook is, you know, something that if you want to build a following of a couple thousand local facebook people, that’s how you do it. You get on there, you engage, you check, talk. In our experience we’ve done it, we’ve never seen any results come from it so we don’t push it anymore. But if that’s what you want to do that’s how you do it. There’s all kinds of companies out there that do it well. We’re external marketing guys. So, when we talk about automatically touching people we’re not interested in getting on facebook and making status updates and posting tweets and doing all that stuff. When a prospect comes to your website and they raise their hand and ask for more information, we’re going to automatically send them more information over a period of months, years down the road. So, they come to your website and they plug in their email address and get your free report on the miracle of dental implants or dental comfort breakthroughs talking about sedation, or maybe you’re a GP and we have a free report that is the six blunders to avoid before choosing your dentist. Now that you’ve got their email address we’re going to send them that free report automatically and then we are going to drip on them once every couple weeks to a month forever with more information on that topic. And, you know, talking about dripping and staying in front of people and automatically communicating, that is how we utilize technology to stay in front of prospects. People that have already raised their hand and show interest. People that are on facebook, you know, mass type communications like that, you know, you’re only going to hit a very small percentage of people that are interested. We focus our time on talking to people that have already raised their hand and are already interested in having that other, that next cup of tea with you. So, that’s our philosophy we use infusionsoft with every dentist that we work with is set up on infusionsoft because they have a tremendous platform. They have a great system that you can keep in touch with your prospects until they’re ready to move forward and buy. Until they’re ready to accept that treatment plan or that large case that you proposed to them or whatever it may be until they’re ready to choose their new dentist. So, that’s all my thoughts for Wednesday. Keep moving forward.


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