Episode 022: The One About How to Make Money with Facebook

How to Make Money with Facebook

Hey, Colin Receveur here coming to you with another fast thoughts on dental marketing. Today is Tuesday, January 29th and I posted a cute little picture on our facebook profile last week and I wanted to talk a little bit more about why I posted that picture and I’m actually going to show you the picture here, it’s about how you can make money on social media in three steps. No games, no silliness, three simple steps you can take right now to make money on facebook in your dental practice and I’m going to show you here. I’m actually going to show you the image that I took here on, posted on our facebook profile (shows image) Alright, so here we go as you can see: Step 1 is you click on, go to facebook and you click on your account settings button. Step 2 is you press deactivate your account. And step 3 is you go to work. Now, if you follow me for awhile you’ve probably heard me harp about facebook just not being an elegant marketing tool for dentists or really any businesses for a long time and the reason behind that is that facebook, you’re just not going to find new patients on it. You know, look at how facebook works fundamentally. You have people liking you, following you, adding you as their friend, people aren’t going to do that if they’ve just heard about you, if they’ve just came from google and they’ve searched and they found your name or even say they had a referral from a friend, they’re very unlikely to start liking and following all of your stuff. This is going to be something they do after they meet you, after they’ve had that first impression. So, facebook as an external marketing tool just does not work. As the internal marketing tool, keeping in touch, doing some reactivations, you may see some limited success. We have a lot of docs that we’ve grown their social medias to three or 4,000 local people and even still then they just don’t see any results come from it. You know, Gary Vaynerchuck once said that he was sitting in a meeting once with a prospective client who kept hammering on him about the value of social media and finally frustrated he exclaimed, you know, what’s the ROI on your mother? You know, all those years she put into you, helping you, guiding you, walking you through it, you can’t put a value on that, you can’t put a value on what your mother did for you all those years and that was the point he was trying to get at. The question I would pose is Gary, why should businesses be trying to spend 20 or 30 years of their life nurturing a client along? I mean certainly you need to be nurturing clients, you know, that’s one of the biggest parts of the system that we offer is automatic follow-up with prospective patients, you know, nurturing them, helping them along, but, you know, we’re talking about a six month to 18 month sales cycle. You know, the ROI of your mother is something figured over 20 or 30 years. I guess you could argue that the principle, the same principle is just carried over a longer period, but, you know, for those guys that want to see results and see results in the near to midterm as in from now over the next 18 months, social media is just not your bag and who knows, you know, in some markets like Australia for instance, right now facebook has stagnated with the number of users they have. In other words, the number of users leaving facebook in Australia equals the number of new users signing up. You know, we’ve seen a declining trend in the number of new sign-ups on facebook even here in the United States. You know, I’m not saying facebook is going to be gone in 18 months, but there’s a lot of new technologies out there coming out that are really going to give facebook a run for their money. So, my advice would don’t be put all your eggs in the facebook basket thinking long term, thinking you’re going to do all this. It just isn’t a great place to be spending your time and energy right now if you’re looking for new patients, if you’re looking for those patients that you want to attract in the near or mid-term. So, that’s my fast thoughts for Tuesday. Keep moving forward.


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