Episode 020: The One About Why Your Prospects Opt-Out

Why Your Prospects Opt-Out

Hey, happy Friday. Today is Friday January 25th and this is my first video podcast in about a week. I did my last one on Friday and took a few days off. My son was born over the weekend, Benjamin Leo, 9 lbs 22 inches long and doing great, doing great. Mom and Ben are both doing great. So took a few days and spent a little bit with the family and jumped back into the office Wednesdayish Thursday and so today, getting back in and I had some thoughts about compelling offers on your dental website. We see a lot of newsletter sign-ups, you know, sign-up here for our monthly newsletter, sign-up here to get special offers, you know, enter your email address here to get on our mailing list and, you know, we see a lot of this stuff used and the doctors go well I’ve got this auto responder technology, I’ve got this automatic follow-up, but I’m not getting anybody into the funnel, I’m not getting anybody that is signing up for my stuff, what’s going on here? And, you know, the reason is primarily your offer. You know, everybody’s got a plain, boring, vanilla, you know, enter your email address here to get coupons and offers and sign-up for our newsletter. You’ve got to do something that pulls at their heart strings. Offer them a free report that talks about the six blunders you can make when choosing your new dentist. Right a report on the miracle of dental implants, the nine secrets you must know before having implants in your mouth. Write a report on, go after, you know, say the fear in sedation aspect if that’s something you’re touching on in your practice and write a report on the myths of dental comfort or a guide to dental comfort breakthroughs, a free report for those that especially hate going to the dentist, you know, prevent pain, save money type deal. Offer a free report. Offer them a book. Offer them even a white paper as long as it’s not too clinical and technical. Offer them some kind of substantial offer, you know, say sign up here to get a $1 exam and x-ray, you know, speaking of offers and how to structure your offers, I did a podcast last week, and I’m not remembering the day, but it was on free services vs free offers. Definitely something to watch, it’s about four minutes long, but back to the offer on your website: put something on there that is going to compel people to take action. People aren’t going to sign up just for, just because you asked them to, just because you offer them a free newsletter or a free mailing list, give them something of value, pay it forward and it will come back to you in the long run. So, that’s all for Friday. Have a great weekend.


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