Episode 019: How to Have Video on Your Dental Website and Still Go Broke

How to Have Video on Your Dental Website and Still Go Broke

Good Evening. Colin Receveur here. I want to show you how you can have video on your dental website and still go broke. I’m going to show you two examples of video that I’ve been talking back and forth with a client today showing them what they need to do to get their phone ringing, how to structure their way of marketing to actually generate new patients and not only generate new patients but provide a measurable way for us to prove to them that hey we’re generating 50 or 100 phone calls a month and x dollars in revenue. So, I’m going to show you two different examples of video here and then I’m going to talk a little bit about the philosophy behind each of them and why we advocate the type of video that we do, why one is successful and one is not successful. So, here we go:

(Video one plays)

Ok, so, a lot of you are going to be familiar with that, it’s a video straight out of implant vision, talking about options and consequences of separate missing teeth.
Now, let’s hop in and look at another type of video and we’ll discuss it a little more in just a moment: (Video two plays) ok, let’s skip forward just a little bit (video two continues playing)
Alright, so as you can see, two starkly different types of video going on between those two websites. One of them is a very clinical, very clinically educating video talking about the consequences of missing teeth and treatment options that are available and the how and the tools of what is available out there for consumers. The other one, a very emotionally charged, deep storyline about a young woman who had a cleft palate, who went through this very reconstructive surgery in her mouth, very complex case with multiple doctors involved that is now, as you can see, had a great experience and is strongly endorsing this dentist and that the video is also interlaced with testimony from the dentist talking about, you know, what they were able to do and the complexity and the difficulty to the case that finally arrived at the conclusion. So, the reason I’m making this video on video is if the video on your website is talking about the how to and the clinical of what you do, patients are not going to choose you. Patients already know by enlarge what options are out there in the market. What they are looking for is the right person to do the work for them. You know, they already know, I’m going to use a very basic example here: patient already knows they need a filling, now do they want the assistant or the EDDA that’s straight out of “dental assisting school” with no experience to be doing that filling for them or do they want the 30 year veteran who’s done 10,000 fillings to be working in their mouth? And that is the same principle that video on your website should follow. Patients have an enormous, enormous resource called the internet these days that they can look up and they can find out what’s available out there. They know that there are permanent teeth options, they know there’s invisalign, they know there’s cosmetic and restorative and all these different dental options out there. They don’t have to go to the dentist to learn about consequences and what options are available. The reason that people that find you are going to choose you is because you are the expert in their eyes, you are that authoritative source and you have testimonies like Kim here who is endorsing you, who is your social proof that, you know, Dr. Smith, Dr. Receveur, whatever your name is, he is the kind of guy that will take care of you, that you can trust that will charge you a fair price. You know, it’s not about the money to Dr. Receveur, he genuinely cares about his patients and he was able to, you know, help this lady who suffered with a cleft palate for her entire life, to be comfortable, chew comfortably, and be beautiful and that is what patients are going to base their decisions on. Especially, as case size increases. So, that’s all the fast thoughts for today . Keep moving forward and have a great weekend.


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