Episode 018: The One About Building Your Tribe and NOT Acting 19

Building Your Tribe and NOT Acting 19

Happy Humpday! Today is Wednesday, January 16th and the topic today that I’ve had on my mind is, you know, I’ve talked about in some of my past podcasts about not marketing like that 19 year old dude. You know, the 19 year old guy when he wants to get a date he tries to close the date on the first phone call, you know, he goes straight for the gold and when you’re marketing with your patients especially, if you’re marketing for specific types of larger case sizes, whether it’s invisalign or cosmetics or large crown bridge cases or implants or implant supported dentures or any variation thereof, what you have to realize is that as the case size goes up so does the level of trust required for that patient to pull the trigger and move forward with treatment from you and what we see with a lot of advertising is that doctors are going out and they’re buying print ads or their website or whatever it is is they’re trying to motivate that patient to call right now, right at this minute, you know, call now, this offer expires in three days and, you know, there is going to be some result from that approach because you’re going to get somebody that’s, you know, is in immediate pain that has a problem right now and they see the carrot, they see, you know, you give them a special offer or $1 exam or whatever it may be and they move ahead with that, but there’s a huge, huge portion of the patients that will need care that by doing only that approach you’re missing out on and that is the people that are right now in today’s world at this very moment, the ones that are searching because they know they need the care, but they aren’t yet ready to make the decision and by structuring your marketing funnel by using automation such as infusionsoft or Aweber or constant contact by writing a free report, by giving away some sort of free information or a daily newsletter or a monthly newsletter or whatever it is that is your “carrot” to dangle in front of people to get them to give you their personal information so that in turn you can reach out and contact them once a month or twice a month for the foreseeable future you can keep your name in front of these patients that are going to need your care but not right now and when you can build your tribe, when you can keep your name in front of all these people that know that they need your care, and that you can drip good information on them, you can become an authoritative source of information, you can become the expert in their eyes and when they have a problem, when they finally get to that point where they have to make a decision or, you know, their kid falls off a trampoline or they finally are tired of being embarrassed or they can’t chew or whatever it is your name is going to pop into their head and they’re going to call you. So, that’s today’s thoughts for Wednesday, Happy Humpday.


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