Episode 005: The One About How “We Turn Dentists Into SuperHero’s”

Welcome to this weeks episode of the SmartBox Web Marketing Podcast. I’m your host Colin Receveur and in today’s episode we’re going to show you how successful dentists are pre-qualifying all their patients, and also we’re going to be unveiling the secrets of how we turn dentists into superhero’s.

Why to listen to me

If you haven’t listened in before, I’m Colin Receveur, speaker, author, invited columnist profitable dentist, dental town, elite doc stragies from big case marketing and dr. mcanally, etc. and head chief at SmartBox Web Marketing where we, simply put, get dentists more qualified patients in the niches they want to promote.

Being an expert, or a superhero, in your niche doesn’t come easily. But when implemented it has a powerful effect on your prospects, making you the only choice in their mind to go to.

I know — this might sound too good to be true — but give me 90 seconds of your time and I’m going to give you all the information so you’ll be able to decide for yourself….

So here’s what we’re going to cover – 3 important topics:

#1 How to pre-qualify all your patients and eliminate the “tirekickers” and deadends that don’t accept treatment

#2 How to create your marketing to be the expert in your niche – and attain SuperHero status.

#3 BEEF: 7 ways you MUST be marketing your practice to survive 2012

So I know many dentists when they hear us talking about “prequalifying” they are thinking financially — but it’s much more than that. Of course these days in this new economy, finding patients with money to spend is a big focus, but pre-qualification covers much more than that.

Let me tell you a quick story about a dentist I know in California. We’ll call him Dr. Smith… I’ve known Dr. Smith for about 4 years now, and one of his biggest complaints in his implant focused practice is that all the time, patients are coming in for consults that have no clue what’s going on!!

He has told me on several occasions that of the on average of the 55 implant consults he schedules every month, at least half of them expect their insurance to pay for 100% of it. Now that’s over 25 consults a month that are a complete waste of time.. you figure in the cost of the doctor’s time, office and staff time… not to mention the cost of lost opportunity, and you’re really eating into your bottom line.

Prequalification is how we help our clients to avoid this. We help dentists make sure that their patients expectations match the dentists’ focus. This eliminates tire kickers and deadend consults that have no chance of moving forward with case acceptance.

So how do you do this?

Well let me start off by telling you how you don’t do it – you don’t just run an ad in the newspaper and expect your patients to be educated consumers of your dentistry……

To educate your patients it takes time – time most doctors don’t want to spend on marketing. That’s why we’ve developed 7 completely automated ways to pre-qualify your prospects and make you turn you into the expert in your niche, or as we like to call it – the superhero in your local market. Here’s how we do it:

Well first, let me say that a website is great, it allows you to give an enormous amount of information to your prospects. But there’s a rub: Every doctor has a website in todays world. So how do you differentiate yourself?

I talked at length in a previous podcast about video and how you can leverage video to really standout and showcase your talents and expertise. But that’s still solely on the web — and as great as online marketing is, there’s still great other avenues out there to be seen on…

I want to tell you a story…

Let’s Imagine you needed heart surgery.

You searched the internet and found a heart surgeon specialist that you think looked reputable. On his website he offered you a 10 page free report to show you what options might be available to you. At the end of his free report, there was a link to buy his new book and DVD which contained even more information about how he could help you. You bought them both, and when they came in the mail, you and your wife/husband watched it on TV one evening.

You went back to his website for more information, and signed up for a tele-seminar and webinar that he offered. Your spouse and you absorbed all the information he gave out and took notes. After the webinar, you gave him your email address so he could send you his monthly newsletter.

After a few weeks of further research, you got his newsletter which told you about current happening and also advertised an In-Office Seminar where you can meet the doctor and have a free 15 minute talking consultation.


By the time you walk in the door for his seminar, you’re already 110% sold. You already know what it costs. You already know how he can fix you. You already know all your options. You already know he’s DA MAN. You just need to know how to make out the check.

Now I know I just literally dumped a ton of information on you. And I’m sure this all seems very intimidating – webinars, seminars, books, dvd’s, reports…. but let me tell you, this is all things that we help our dentist clients with day in and day out. We have the technology and systems developed to make this happen for you. And honestly they are not that expensive to put together when you have the right systems in place.

These marketing methods are what our best dentist clients are using right now to kill it in their practices. Don’t get me wrong website and video is critical to success, but the doctors that are on the cutting edge of marketing and producing the big numbers are embracing these new technologies to reach an even broader audience…

And by putting your name EVERYWHERE, by having these many many cups of tea like I talk about in my book, you build trust and credibility and you achieve “EXPERT” status… or as we like to call it, you become a superhero. Think back to the heart surgeon — who else could you possibly choose after that?

So The Only Real Take away from this episode is those 7 marketing mediums you must embrace for 2012:

  • Webinar
  • Teleseminar
  • Autoresponder
  • In-office Seminar
  • Book
  • Free Report
  • DVD


Speaking of DVD… for everyone that stayed on the podcast today, I have a special offer to get my latest DVD “The Secrets of Dental Niche Marketing”

We’ve sold hundreds of copies of it at $197, but today and only through this special link, I am offering it for only $7.

Learn the secrets of how to attract, pre-qualify, and close the cases with patients in the dental niche’s that you have advanced clinical training.

That’s all for today — see you guys next week and KEEP MOVING FORWARD


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