Episode 004: The One About “Why Patients Buy (and Why They Don’t)”

Welcome to the 4th video podcast of 2012. I’m your host Colin Receveur and in today’s episode we’re going to cover the all important topic of why your patients arent buying your services, what makes them buy, and how to get them to pull the trigger and move forward with case acceptance.

Quick story about why we chose this topic for the weeks podcast – we were at a clients last week doing a 2 day video shoot as part of our Premium package, and while watching our testimonials and the old testimonials the doc has previously filmed, Doc commented ours seemed so much more powerful than the ones he had previously done.

When we got back to the studio, we analyzed what we had been doing and broke them down to their individual elements, and in this podcast we’re going to be revealing our “reverse testimonial” formula for taking your patients testimonials from powerful to superhuman strength.

Why to listen to me

If you haven’t listened in before, I’m Colin Receveur, speaker, author, invited columnist profitable dentist, dental town, elite doc stragies from big case marketing and dr. mcanally, etc. and head chief at SmartBox Web Marketing where we, simply put, get dentists more qualified patients in the niches they want to promote.

The purpose of these podcasts is to educate you about dental marketing so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you and your practice in this new dental economy.

So here’s what we’re going to cover – 3 important topics dentists want to know about video

#1 Why your patients aren’t buying your services
#2 Getting inside their head: What makes them pull the trigger
#3 How to overcome their objections — before they even object


When you really think about it, one of the best things in life is to get better patients. Patients who understand the depth of your work.

Patients who aren’t haggling about your prices–and more than willing to pay higher prices for better work. And patients who understand that you need a life other than work. Patients you’d be happy to call your friends.

#1 Why your patients aren’t buying your services

Once you get your patients into your consult room, they aren’t buying for 1 of 2 reasons: 1) They aren’t a good fit for you and you didn’t pre-qualify them or 2) They are a good fit, but you didn’t remove the risk and objections they have. This webinar is going to over #2, next week we’ll cover pre-qualification and #1 in more detail…

Patients have all kinds of risks when deciding to move forward with treatment…

Risk over being hurt
Risk of being overcharged
Risk of having bad dentistry done in their mouth
Risk of the unknown…


For your patients to buy you must reduce their risk to -100

#2 Getting inside their head: What makes them pull the trigger

Understanding what triggers your patients to buy is crucial. 2 of the biggest triggers in your prospects minds involving risk are “Can he really do what he says” (also known as the case study) and “If it doesn’t go right, will he make it right” (also known as risk reversal). Remember, negative downside overpowers positive upside every day of the week and twice on sunday.

Your marketing and website must be removing all risk and objections from your prospects’ minds. And when you remove their risk their objections fall like a rock.

Most importantly to overcoming risk and objections is doing it BEFORE the patient brings it up!! This is seen as empathy to your patients that you are compassionate to their feelings, and also avoid the dreaded “I’m going to think about it” line from ever entering into their brain.

Most dentists avoid objections.

They fear confrontation, and a hindrance to their case acceptance. So they avoid it, hoping the prospect will too. Yeah right.

Another big reason dentists avoid addressing objections is they haven’t thought of the answers in advance. Your prospects and patients have the same set of objections – as you begin addressing them, you’ll notice they share the same concerns, so make sure you are addressing them before they bring it up.

If you don’t beat them to the punch, they are putting the brakes on. And addressing objections after they bring them up doesn’t build empathy or allow you to easily overcome them.

A very easy way to overcome both the risk and objections is by using powerful testimonials. Testimonials are not just this “nice-to-have thing” on your website and marketing material… They do a task that’s vital to your happiness and success.

Properly designed, your testimonials will overcome all the objections and risks your prospects have… and then (and only then) your prospects will buy from you.

Not just for “how great you are.”

Your testimonials must be removing all risk and objections from your prospect minds. They have to be like the magic mirror I talked about before – get on your patients side, empathize, identify their concerns, and overcome them. Only then will they buy your services. When your prospects look into the mirror they see themselves. And if they like what they see, they jump into the magic mirror to buy from you.

Price is an objection to prospects buying but surprisingly not the biggest — actually one of the smallest. Many dentists think by lowering their price they will increase case acceptance — but that is RARELY the case.

Feeling is everything when selling dentistry. They have to feel like you are empathizing with them, that you understand their fear and concerns and you are on their side to overcome them. If you don’t, the sale will stall…

#3 How to overcome their objections — before they even object

So how do you accomplish this? Easy peasy. It’s called the “reverse testimonial.”

The problem with most testimonials are they talk about how great things are, and thats not how people think. Everyone knows that nothing is perfect — if it sounds too good to be true, it always is.

The reverse testimonial appeals to your prospects skepticism. By starting the testimonial with a doubt or a problem, you are instantly pulling in your viewer and holding their attention. The problems your patient expresses will appeal to your prospects, showing that you really do care, you really are as good as they say you are, that other people have the fears and objections that they also share.

It’s fits into our brains natural doubt, and gives a well rounded feeling and balance.

Let me give you an example…

“I came to see Dr. Smith to get my new dental implants and he did a great job. There was no pain and now I can chew again. I’m very happy with the work and recommend him to everyone I know”

“When I first met with Dr. Smith, I had serious doubts that he could help me to chew again and to overcome my fears of dentistry dating back to my childhood. I’ve seen several so called specialists over the years and none had been able to really help me. But after meeting with Dr. Smith, I was impressed and decided to give him a try. Being very fearful, I was amazed that with the sedation the implant procedure was over before I even realized. And now I can chew again. Dr. Smith delivered on everything he promised and more.”

The reverse testimonial is the most powerful way to quickly eliminate risk for your prospects. It is all about you, but you’re not saying it. Someone else is — and that makes a huge difference because it’s now believable and removes doubt from your prospects minds.

The testimonial by itself is powerful — but the reverse testimonial is superhuman.

And that’s what we’re about here at SmartBox – giving your marketing all kinds of superhuman powers.

So that’s it for this week’s podcast – don’t forget to subscribe below to get next weeks video podcast or vodcast.. and if you need help capturing your patients words, feel free to give us a call. Until next week — keep moving forward.


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