Email Trends Dentists Need to Know About (part 2)

Patient Attraction Episode 631: Email Trends Dentists Need to Know About (part 2)

Welcome to day 2 of our look at email trends dentists need to know. Yesterday, I told you that longer emails get longer responses, people expect email replies with an hour, and those 50 and older are less likely to read and respond to emails than those 35 or younger. Today, I want to tell you what to do with that information when we return. Stay tuned.

– Colin here, and today I want to let you know why email trends should matter to you and other dentists.

– So here are 3 takeaways that will help you reach dental patients with email marketing:

– 1. Keep Emails Short.

– Studies have found that people are less inclined to answer long emails.

– If someone is less likely to actually answer your long emails, you can bet they ARE NOT reading that email all the way through.

– The solution here is to lead with the most important information instead of burying important items at the end or bottom of the copy.

– Get your point across quickly to engage the reader.

– 2. Understand that Inboxes Are Filling Up.

– Your patients and prospects are getting slammed with new emails every day.

– Prospects judge whether or not to even read an email in a fraction of a second.

– Plus, people 50 and older are the least likely to respond to long emails.

– Dental practices need to stay on the good side of older adults because they make financial decisions for the family, and quite honestly, they need the most comprehensive dental work.

– 3. Make Emails Mobile-friendly.

– Do you reach for the phone to check your email the first thing in the morning?

– I know I certainly do.

– People read and respond to emails on the phone faster than they do from tablets or desktop computers.

– So I cannot emphasize how important it is to make emails mobile-friendly.

– Single-column templates read very well on mobile devices, whereas multiple-column templates force the reader to zoom in and out or miss part of the message altogether.

– Also, take it easy on the photos.

– Not every mobile device will be able to display the photos, and you’ll leave the viewer with multiple white spots in the email that will interrupt the flow of the message.

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– Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you how your website might actually be hurting your dental practice.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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