Email Marketing Essential to Attracting More Patients

Patient Attraction Episode 600: Email Marketing Essential to Attracting More Patients

What good are high Google rankings if you cannot convert the leads? Once you grab a potential patient’s interest, how are you convincing them to buy? These are likely two questions that you’ve asked yourself when searching for ways to beef up your digital presence and bring in more and better patients. Well, there is one tried-and-true way to bring in the patients you want to see and to enjoy more profits in your dental practice. We’ll talk about it when we return.

– Colin here, and welcome to the 600th edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Stay tuned at the end of this podcast to hear about a special giveaway that could draw countless patients to your practice at NO COST to you.

– Today I want to talk about a method that is helping dentists grow their practice and overall patient numbers: email marketing.

– Effective email marketing nurtures the prospect through a series of emails until that person is ready to buy.

– By nurturing the prospective patient through free emails, you become the expert on their dental health problems, and they are more likely to select you for their dental treatment.

– That’s not just a theory of mine.

– It’s a well-documented fact that email marketing converts leads and puts dollars back into your pocket.

– The return on investment of email marketing is estimated at $40 for every $1 spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

– That statistic is way too good to overlook and further solidifies that you NEED to be nurturing current and prospective patients through quality emails.

– So, how do you attract email subscribers?

– We’ve found that be filling your website with email opt-ins or registration forms is a tremendous way to constantly be updating and building your list of subscribers or future patients.

– It’s inevitable that you will lose a portion of your email subscribers every year, so you MUST have a plan to attract new subscribers.

– When crafting your emails, focus on quality content.

– I talk about quality content a lot in this podcast because it’s a proven way to distinguish you from your competitors.

– Your emails need to have a focus for a specific audience.

– Make the reader feel as though only they are getting this information and that it’s been crafted just for their needs.

– You can also pique the reader’s interest by offering free giveaways or special discounts, two things that build a rapport between you and your patients.

– At the beginning of this podcast, I asked what good is a high Google ranking if you’re not converting leads?

– By investing in email marketing, you could see returns 40 times over and finally be converting the patients you want to see.

– Now to the special 600th episode offer:

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– As always, keep moving forward.


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