Effective Dental Marketing Emails Ideas

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Email dental marketing is very effective in staying in front of your current and potential patients. And it can lead to higher patient conversions and increase your collections. But you have to do it right. After the break, I’ll continue our four-part series on creating dental marketing emails that your patients will read. Stay tuned.

– Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– In yesterday’s podcast, I covered how to create killer marketing email subject lines.

– Now that you know how to grab your patients’ attention with your subject line, let’s look what your email needs to contain after they open it.

– If your practice doesn’t have a brand, it needs one.

– Your brand is your consistent message, tone, and graphic elements such as your logo and color palette.

– Your brand makes you instantly identifiable.

– Your email template doesn’t have to be identical to your brand,  but it should echo and reinforce your brand.

– And it should convey professionalism and care in the crafting of your email.

– Your branded email template should load quickly.

– Go light on images that can slow loading or prevent it completely; some email programs won’t load images by default.

– And don’t embed video in your email; link out to it instead (just like the emails of these podcasts).

– Speaking of loading, you must make sure that your email will load on all devices.

– That means smartphones, tablets, iPads, and laptop and desktop computers.

– If you suspect you have customers with older technology, consider creating a text-only version of your email.

– Now, let’s talk about the content of your email.

– Personal is better.

– Research shows that personalizing the email leads to a 14 percent increase in click-through rates.

– Something as simple as adding the recipient’s first name can make a big difference.

– But you can and should go beyond that.

– Personalize the content to your patients’ wants and needs.

– That means sending emails that offer solutions for unsightly teeth to people with unsightly teeth.

– And emails about All-on-4 to people who need that solution, or one like it.

– Content that is relevant and useful to the reader gets read – and remembered.

– One mistake many dentists make is to assume that all their current and potential patients will be interested in the same things at the same time.

– Patients are all over the map in terms of their buying readiness.

– One size hardly ever fits all.

– So, segmenting your email base is important to increase acceptance of what your offer.

– For your current patients, their history with you will serve as a guide to what might interest them and solve their problems.

– For prospective patients, you might segment by the most common problems in particular age groups.

– If you’re tracking your website visitors, you can segment by which topics or services they click on and then engage those potential customers by the content they find most interesting and relevant.

– In tomorrow’s podcast, we’ll take a deeper dive into crafting the content of your dental marketing emails.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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