Downsell Your Dental Patients

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Patient Attraction Episode 719

I just got back from a Disney cruise. To my surprise, I learned something about marketing during the cruise. It’s something you can use in your dental practice to increase patient case acceptance. I’ll be back after the break to tell you more.

– Disney is positioned as the world’s top entertainment company.

– They are the de facto best of the best.

– And, as I recently found out, for good reason.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– My wife and I and our two children recently took a Disney cruise.

– While we were at dinner one night, I asked for a wine list.

– I about fell out of my chair when they told me that the cheapest bottle was $240!

– I wasn’t going to pay that much, but our server didn’t bat an eyelash.

– He said, “Let me show you our vault collection.”

– And brought out an actual vault to show the wines!

– Now, the cheapest was still $150 a bottle, but the presentation was amazing!

– So we ordered a bottle.

– And once we tried the wine, it was amazing, too!

– Now, I’m sure they would have downsold me again if I’d declined.

– So, here’s what I learned: Disney downsells until the customer is comfortable.

– They might not get $240 for a bottle, but they still get $150.

– That’s not bad at all.

– Usually, salespeople try to upsell you by offering something more expensive after you’ve already purchased.

– But when you’re the best, like Disney, you can downsell in perfect comfort.

– AND make your customers feel good about it.

– Because you’ve already sold them on your value.

– Disney has mastered it.

– I mean, I paid a hundred and a half bucks for one bottle of wine!

– And the wine was fabulous, but was it worth what I paid?

– By itself, not necessarily, but it was part of the entire cruise experience.

– Disney sold me on their value, and I paid more than I might have otherwise.

– Make your case presentation part of the total patient experience.

– And then you can downsell in perfect comfort.

– Tune in to tomorrow’s podcast on why a long tail is a very good thing.

– Until then, keep moving forward.