Do’s and Don’ts for Developing a Great Dental Team

Patient Attraction Episode 533: Do’s and Don’ts for Developing a Great Dental Team


If you have been following and implementing the tips in this podcast, your business is certainly growing. You may even be adding additional staff. That can be a real challenge. I should know. I have more than doubled my staff in the last year. So today, I want to give you some tips for building a great team at your dental practice. Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin here on the first day of September 2015.

– I am a voracious consumer of books, articles, blogs, just about anything I can get my hands on that relates to marketing and my business.

– I came across a couple of items that I think will really help you as start to expand your staff.

– So here are 10 Do’s and Don’ts for surrounding yourself with a great dental team.

  1. Do look for people who are doers.

– Better to have people trying to do too much than too little.

  1. Don’t keep people who aren’t a good fit.

– It’s pretty obvious within the first 90 days who this is.

– Maybe they are the “that’s not my job” type or they have a bad attitude.

– Either way, don’t keep them around to poison the well.

  1. Do make sure everyone is working toward a common goal.

– This has two parts: buy-in and communication.

  1. Don’t allow employees to give no input, then want to backseat drive afterward.

– Employees should be free to give ideas and make suggestions during the appropriate times, but doing so after decisions have been made will drag down the whole team.

  1. Do give your team the training they need, remove their obstacles, and let them do their jobs.

– You hired them for a reason, right?

  1. Don’t micromanage.

– If you are micromanaging, one of three things has happened:

  1. You didn’t train them properly.
  2. You don’t have confidence you trained them properly.
  3. They can’t do the job and you need to find someone who can.
  4. Do tell your team how much you appreciate them.

– Praise often, blame rarely.

  1. Don’t hog the glory, or let anyone else.

– If you want a TEAM, one person’s success is everyone’s success.

  1. Do accept responsibility for mistakes in your office.

– Following the belief that “shit runs downhill” is a good way to have a staff that would rather be on another hill.

– Take the heat from unhappy patients, and give instruction for improvement to your staff (without the heat).

  1. Don’t let employees think they know it all.

– If you know it all, you are not continuously improving.

– For those of you who have already expanded your staff, what do you think of my tips?

– Are there any others you would offer?

– Feel free to leave your comments below, reach out to us on social media, or email me at

– I may use your comments in a future podcast.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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