Don’t Trust Your Patients

Patient Attraction Episode 238

Hey, Colin Receveur with SmartBox Web Marketing here and you’re not going to believe your eyes or ears when you hear what I have in store for you today. Stay tuned.

– Today marks the final day of our look at the four pillars of successful web marketing.

– So far, I’ve told you about:

– attraction

– conversion

– follow-up

– Today I want to tell you about tracking.

– Unlike yesterday, when I told you that most dentist know they are not doing any follow-up with prospects, many dentists DO think they are tracking where their new patients come from.

– I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “Dentrix tracks our new patients,” or “We ask our patients how they heard about us.”

– Inevitably those same dentists have this or a similar story to tell, “And we get patients who say they saw our billboard. But we don’t HAVE a billboard!”

– Here’s why:

– You can’t trust your patients’ memories.

– Forensic psychologists have known for more than a century that eyewitness details are often wrong.

– Even eyewitness testimony in court cases is NOTORIOUSLY inaccurate.

– In fact, the Innocence Project regularly looks at eyewitness accounts as an area of suspicion when reviewing a case.

– First, let’s establish this:

– You MUST, MUST, MUST have a reliable way to track where new patients are coming from.

– For our clients, we use recorded telephone tracking.

– Here are the top two reasons:

– You must be able to hold your staff accountable for what happens when someone calls.

– It’s much like the saying, “There’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.”

– So just because your web marketing does it’s job and gets someone to call doesn’t mean that prospect ends up in your chair.

– If your staff is not using good technique on the phone, they could be wasting your entire marketing budget.

– Let me repeat that: they could be WASTING your entire marketing budget.

– Now, I’m not saying you need to listen to every call that comes in, but I advocate listening to a couple a week.

– Second, you must track where every call comes from so that you know which of your marketing pieces are performing and which are wasting your money.

– That means you may need multiple numbers for your website and print platforms.

– But if you suddenly see a rush of new customers, how will you know whether it is because of your ongoing web marketing efforts, today’s new newspaper ad, that billboard by the intersection that went up two weeks ago, or that mailer with the expiring offer that went out a month ago?

– You wouldn’t, and you wouldn’t know what to spend money on next time.

– Watch your ROI, and you can further improve your web marketing efforts.

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– Until then, keep moving forward.


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