Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Asking For Dental Reviews

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Patient Attraction Episode 317

Welcome back for another look at how my new book will change the way you approach marketing for your practice. Today, I want to explain why an online review is nothing to fear. We’ll get started when we return.

– Hi there, Colin here and I’m glad you could join me today as we talk about the importance of online reviews.

– Sometimes business owners, including dentists, are afraid to ask for reviews.

– There are a couple of reasons for this.

– First, the business owner might be intimidated by the process.

– Second, the business owner might be afraid of getting bad feedback.

– If online reviews make you nervous, I have some good news!

– Google My Business makes the entire process a lot easier for you to get the information you need.

– It also makes it a lot easier to respond to your patients’ feedback.

– We’ll talk about a few guidelines for responding to patients in just a minute.

– First, I want to emphasize the importance of getting these online reviews.

– Google won’t say how important online reviews are for local search rankings, but we know they play a major role.

– A review is a part of your online presence.

– It builds credibility, trust, and perception because we live in a society that uses the Internet to share just about everything.

– If your Facebook friend is looking for a new vacuum, for example, you will definitely share your favorite brand, links to the website, and your experience.

– Your potential patients are looking for this information about you and your practice, and you want to make sure they have a place to find it.

– You can do this easily by sending your patients a quick email containing a link to your Google My Business page.

– You can even offer an incentive of some sort to encourage your patients to take the time to give you feedback.

– Google My Business also will collect reviews about you from other review sites, making this the ultimate place for potential patients to learn about your practice.

– You will be able to respond to reviews left by Google users, but I want to offer a word of caution.

– Not every review will be positive, and you might be tempted to retaliate in your response.

– Don’t do it!

– I encourage you to respond to every review, but do so graciously.

– Address the patient’s concerns and try to make things right!

– Remember, potential patients will read your online reviews AND your response, and both will have an effect.

– Most people don’t mind a few bad reviews if the majority of reviews are great, so encourage your patients to speak on your behalf!

– Check back tomorrow to learn more about how to make social media work for you.

– Until then, keep moving forward.