Don’t Bait and Switch Your Dental Prospects

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Patient Attraction Episode 386

Not long ago, I came across a YouTube title so enticing that I couldn’t resist clicking on it. By the time the video was over, I was both disappointed and angry for having wasted my time. I’m going to keep you from making the same mistake when we return.

– I recently came across a YouTube video called “What Does the Dental Consumer Think of Dentistry?”

– Who in dentistry wouldn’t that appeal to?

– Well, that’s 3 ½ minutes I will never get back.

– Because what I found was that it was nothing but a sales pitch for another dental marketing company!

– No where did the presenters answer the question they posed.

– They talked about how they COULD answer it instead.

– So how did I walk away from that transaction?

– Angry, disappointed, let down.

– If I was a dentist, do you think I would do business with those guys?

– No way.

– I don’t need a tease.

– I need someone who delivers.

– This podcast isn’t meant to bash those guys.

– You’ll notice I haven’t given the company name or a link to the disappointing web video.

– Instead, I want to use this as an example of what NOT to do in your marketing.

– Do not bait and switch or clickbait your prospects.

– If you say, “You’ll never believe what we can do for your teeth” in the headline or title, you’d better come through with something pretty good.

– “We can keep them from getting cavities with regular cleaning!” isn’t going to cut it with that kind of lead in.

– Otherwise, they walk away with a negative perception of you.

– And people work with people they like – not big teases.

– Let me conclude with this: If you watch a video on YouTube, there is a column of other suggested videos.

– As I was watching the video that is the subject of this podcast, in that column of suggested videos was a video called Top 10 Misleading Marketing Tactics.

– Sometimes it is eerie how right those algorithms are!

– Come back tomorrow and we’ll talk about making your website mobile-friendly.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.