Does Your Dental Website Say What You Want?

Patient Attraction Podcast 315

Hello and welcome to today’s episode of the Patient Attraction Podcast. I’m your host, Colin Receveur, and on today’s episode, we’re going to talk about the whether your dental website really says what you want it to. I’ll be right back and pose this question: What does your dental website say to your dental prospects and your dental patients?

– So, what does your website really say?

– Here are some pitfalls you may have on your website and ways to avoid them.

– A common pitfall is the “we we“ problem.

– It is essentially where your website has “I” and “we” all over it.

– Does your website say things like this:

– “I am so great, we are so great, we do such great work, we do better work than the guy down the road.”

– It comes off as kind of self-absorbed and arrogant.

– A lot of bad things come out when you try to say that you’re the best.

– One way to connect with your patients is to put yourself in their shoes.

– They are looking for a patient-centered, knowledgeable dentist, and are asking, “What’s in it for me?”

– I’ve kind of harped on this in other podcasts as well, but the currency of the future is information.

– You need to be putting everything on your website: all kinds of information, giving them all the answers upfront because it makes you the expert.

– If you can position yourself as the answer to the questions they’re asking, you’re going to be able to be that source of information – and you’re going to be that go-to dentist and their trusted hero.

– Find specific ways to tell them about how you will meet their specific needs, using the word “you” as much as possible.

– Another secret to differentiating yourself and letting your patients know you’re better is patient testimonials.

– If your patients say wonderful things about your practice, it’s OK because it’s coming from an unbiased third party that you were able to help.

– That carries a lot of trust and that carries a lot of weight with it, and if you get your patients to say it, it’s very believable.

– THEY set you up as the expert.

– THEY show your prospective patients that you do good work.

– THEY show that you have satisfied above and beyond people’s expectations/

– And THEY give you credibility.

– Another pet peeve of mine is when you go to a dentist’s website and all they have on their website is a menu list – a buffet of services that they offer.

– They expect the patient to be able to relate that buffet list to their needs.

– For example: your patients don’t want to know that you do dental implants; they want to know that you can help them chew again.

– You have to resonate with your prospects.

– You have to speak the same language that they’re speaking if you want to attract them.

– You also want good patient referrals and use them to your advantage, so you can get even more referrals.

– People give referrals because they’re happy with what you did. But more importantly, they give referrals because they want to feel good about giving referrals.

– We all have a natural inclination when we have a good experience or we are really happy with something, we want to tell other people about it.

– When somebody comes in from a referral, take care of them.

– Do good things for them because the referral who is in your office is already presold, because they’re in your office because of a good recommendation.

– That’s all for today.

– Keep moving forward.


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