Do You Have the Magic Dental Marketing Bullet?

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In some respects, dentists are no different than most other small-business owners. Each of them harbors a secret – or not-so-secret – desire for that ONE THING they can do with their marketing that will bring all the paying customers they can handle. I’ll be back after the break to tell you why the search for the magic marketing bullet can harm your practice.

– Did you ever stumble across the “next big thing” in marketing?

– Let me ask you a question: If it was that great, why isn’t it still the big thing?

– I’m Colin, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– My company, SmartBox Web Marketing, focuses on helping dentists get more patients, more profits, and more freedom.

– I’ve been working with dental practices for a long time.

– And I’ve learned one very important thing in that time.

– There is no magic bullet when it comes to marketing.

– Now, there ARE things that can help you realize short-term gains.

– Until everybody else starts doing those things.

– And then suddenly, that bullet is not so magic anymore.

– Which leaves you searching for the next big thing.

– Is that the kind of marketing approach that will help you increase new patient conversions month over month?

– Will that approach bring you the big cases, the ones you love to do and that give you a really nice bump in collections?

– No.

– You don’t need a gimmick or the “wonder-technique-of the-day” to attract patients.

– What you DO need is a system.

– A Patient Attraction System.

– And it just so happens that I have one.

– In fact, I have a proven Patient Attraction System that will help you increase new patient conversions over time.

– It’s not designed to give you a one-month surge like a quick-hit advertising campaign.

– Because when that month is over, you’re scrambling for what to do next month.

– If you’re interested in “double your practice” growth over time, you need a Patient Attraction System that works 24/7/365 for you.

– When you focus on steady gains rather than one-hit wonders, wonderful things happen.

– And the key word there is “focus.”

– Stop chasing the mythical silver bullet.

– Focus on one integrated system that will bring you more patients, more profits, and more freedom.

– My Patient Attraction System includes one key aspect that “magic bullet” techniques don’t.

– Hard data on how well each of your marketing vehicles is performing so you can tweak things to work better.

– That gets rid of the guesswork style of marketing.

– You’ll never again say, “Well, it feels like our emails are getting more patients.”

– Feelings are a lousy way to run a business.

– If you’re serious about looking into a proven Patient Attraction System that can double your practice, contact SmartBox Web Marketing.

– We work with only very few practices in a given market.

– We’re NOT a magic bullet; we’re here to stay, and we’re here to help only our clients.

– Not everybody else.

– In my next podcast, I’ll discuss why optimizing the past can generate new patient leads.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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