Do You Have Health Care Consumers or Dental Patients?

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Patient Attraction Episode 694

According to a 2015 Deloitte Survey of U.S. Health Care Consumers, there’s an ongoing shift in the mindset of dental patients. That shift indicates that people see themselves as informed, active decision-makers when it comes to their health, including their dental needs. I’ll be back after the break to discuss what this means for dentists.

– What if you didn’t have patients anymore?

– Instead, you had dental service consumers.

– That may sound like just a name change, but it’s actually a drastic change. It affects how people who need dental care approach the entire experience.

– Hi, I’m Colin, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– The 2015 Deloitte Survey of U.S. Health Care Consumers defined health care patients as opposed to health care consumers.

– Patients depend on medical professionals to make health care decisions for them.

– They have a low level of awareness of their treatment options and the associated costs.

– Health care consumers, on the other hand, are highly engaged in the decision-making process.

– They depend on the professional’s recommendation, but do their own research to confirm that recommendation.

– They use online tools to do their research rather than depending on word of mouth about who to trust.

– And they’re very savvy about medical costs.

– The use of the Internet as the primary means of gathering information has exploded.

– It’s very possible that you’re getting more consumers than patients in your practice.

– Which group of people are you marketing to?

– Hopefully, both.

– But your marketing, and particularly your website, has to speak to both groups.

– Patients are more likely to pick you based on word of mouth from someone they know.

– They need to trust in your expertise and caring.

– At most, they’ll probably look at reviews and testimonials online.

– Health care consumers need answers to their questions and reasons to choose you.

– They research procedures, technology, and training with regard to their dental needs.

– You might think that age helps determine which people take the patient mindset versus the consumer, and you’d be right.

– Millennials are generally much more comfortable with technology than seniors.

– But you’ll find patients and health care consumers in every demographic.

– Really good dental websites meet the needs of both patients and consumers.

– How does yours stack up?

– Not only that, but how does your social media – your Facebook page, your Twitter feed, and your Tumblr – work to drive patient prospects to your website?

– Successful dentists need to be able to embrace both mindsets, patient and health care consumer. Dentists need to adjust all their marketing to position themselves as the right choice for both groups.

– Tune into tomorrow’s podcast for a look at Dental Service Organizations.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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