Do Referrals Work Better than Dental Web Marketing?

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Patient Attraction Episode 343

Late last year, I gave you two podcast series within a couple of weeks of each other that really generated a lot of comments. I want to spend the next four days following up with those comments. Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin Receveur here on Monday, February 23.

– Late last year, I produced two podcasts that generated a lot of conversation and comments.

– One was about the four pillars of internet marketing: attraction, conversion, follow-up, and tracking, podcasts 234-238.

– The other was about not discounting fees to bring in more patients because it devalues what you offer,  podcast 244.

– Let’s look at comments on Internet marketing first.

– Doug Williams, CEO of the Doug Williams Group, said, “I get the whole internet marketing thing but I see a much greater opportunity to generate revenue by getting referrals from existing patients that love the practice. – – “There are very simple and inexpensive ways to do this, and very, very few practices deploy these methods. – “Instead, they pop alot of money on the internet marketing thing and take zero advantage of what is right under their nose……loyal customers that love them.”

– Not coincidentally, this was the topic of yesterday’s podcast.

– Doug makes a very good point: word of mouth is a fantastic method for generating new patients.

– The problem with word-of-mouth advertising is VOLUME, especially compared to Internet marketing.

– Any given person may have dozens of friends and family.

– How many at any time need a dentist?

– And of those, what small percentage will mention it to your patient?

– And of that small percentage, what percentage will take your patient’s recommendation without doing online research?

– Compare that to the literally thousands of people in your market area who are searching the web every day for goods and services.

– Research shows that 85 percent of consumers are searching for local businesses online.

– So while word of mouth may have a higher close rate, Internet marketing reaches far more people.

– Joshua Gershonowicz, owner of something called Rebuild Nation, responded to Doug by saying:

– “Referrals are absolutely the best way to get new patients.

– “Internet Marketing shouldn’t be about throwing money online in the hope that it leads to some source of new patients.

– “Internet marketing should be about continuing relationships with customers and enhancing those in a way that ultimately leads to online referrals.

– “Internet Marketing also shouldn’t be the only tool used, but rather it should be portion of a strategy that includes both online and offline tools.”

– Everything up until the last statement is as wrong as it can be.

– Web marketing absolutely is a fantastic way to attract more and better patients.

– I’ve got dozens of testimonials from dentists that will back that up.”

– However, I will agree that Internet marketing shouldn’t be the only tool used.

– There is still a place for traditional marketing in the current dental environment.

– Billboards, direct mail, TV and radio all can be effective is done correctly.

– Let’s wrap up for today.

– I’ll give you some more comments on my series about web marketing tomorrow.

– Keep moving forward.