Design Tricks Every Dental Website Should Use

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Patient Attraction Episode 407

Research shows that it takes less than two-tenths of a second for someone to make a first impression about a website. Most people will only stay on a website 15 seconds are less. Today, we’re going talk about how your dental website can convert prospects into patients in such a short time. Stay tuned.

– Welcome to day two of our look at websites that convert prospects into patients.

– With research showing us that the average web page view lasts less than a minute, what can you do to make sure your website conveys the message you are trying to send?

– Today we are going to focus on how your website looks when someone first sees it.

– What does your website say about you when someone lands on the home page?

– What about as they navigate the internal pages?

– This feeling about you is delivered from some very subtle cues, including:

– The colors you use.

– The font, font color and font sizes you use.

– The amount of spacing between elements.

– The images, video, and graphics you use.

– These factors will create an impression about your:

– Professionalism

– Expertise

– And stability

– A prospect will decide how welcome he or she feels

– And whether he or she can afford your practice.

– Here are a few tips:

– Make sure colors represent the feeling you want.

– Use garish colors and you look amateurish.

– Also, use color to make a few things stand out.

– When everything stands out, nothing stands out.

– Use fonts that are large and legible.

– Black fonts are generally the best policy.

– Make sure readers can scan the page.

– This means using headers and subheaders, bulleted lists, and highlighted or bolded text for emphasis.

– Your images should be of you, your staff and your patients when possible.

– In this savvy Internet age, stock photography isn’t too hard to spot.

– Using real people gives an authenticity to your site – and gives you credibility.

– Use images that reflect the kinds of patients you want.

– Don’t show pictures of mom and dad and two kids if you don’t want kids as patients.

– Make sure your site is easy to navigate so readers have a clear idea of where they are supposed to go for the information they want.

– When people have to think too hard, they leave the page.

– One word of warning on graphics: beware of Flash.

– It might seem cool at first, but many mobile devices can’t run it and it slows down your load time.

– People expect pages to load in 1 second.

– The longer the load time, the more people abandon the page.

– That seems like a pretty good first day of tips.

–  Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.