Dentists Who’d Rather Fight Than Switch Will Lose

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Patient Attraction Episode 947

There was a time when all a dentist had to do was hang out a sign, take out a Yellow Pages ad, and send out some postcards. Then came the dental marketing “pros,” and traditional dental advertising was dead. Dental marketing pros brought a raft of conflicting ideas about what dentists needed to do to succeed. After the break, I’ll be back to tell you about the new and better way to attract the patients you need to succeed.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– My dad is a very successful dentist in the greater Louisville, Kentucky, area, and I practically grew up in his practice.

– I’ve seen dental advertising and marketing in all its forms, from the most primitive to the very sophisticated.

– And they all had one thing in common – they chased dental prospects.

– They chased new patients by offering discounts, coupons, extended hours, and giveaways.

– That can sort of work, until the competition becomes fierce – like it is today.

– Then everybody is doing it and nobody stands out.

– Some years ago, I combined my love of web marketing with my knowledge of the business of dentistry to create the next evolution for dentists.

– I call it the Patient Attraction System™, and it’s making dental marketing obsolete.

– That’s a bold statement and deserves strong proof.

– In just three years, SmartBox Web Marketing has experienced more than 1400 percent growth.

– We now work with more than 550 dentists on three continents to get them more patients, more profits, and more freedom.

– We’re not a dental marketing firm – we’re a dental patient attraction firm, and we provide patient attraction services.

– So, does it work?

– How does a return on investment between 20:1 and 44:1 sound?

– That’s what many of our dentists are realizing – those kinds of ROIs and the freedom to no longer worry about their marketing.

– Dr. Mike Fuesting of Danville, Illinois, appreciates working with SmartBox, and he left this review on Google My Business.

–  “I’m very pleased with SmartBox and all their services.

– “As someone who wears multiple hats at my office, marketing is often something that gets put on the back burner.

– “SmartBox is like my virtual assistant to maintain my company’s online presence, including social media and new patient leads.

– “Our client success coordinator, Sarah, is the best!

– “She made the transition to a new website and marketing strategy effortless and enjoyable. I highly recommend!” 

– We’re the evolution of dental marketing, and you can join the Patient Attraction Revolution™.

– For more information on becoming a SmartBox dentist, visit

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.