Dentists Who Write Better Headlines Get More Readers

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Patient Attraction Episode 375

Headlines for your dental blogs and web pages are much like the appearance of someone you date. They aren’t all that matter – in fact, they may matter very little, ultimately. But they are the first thing you use to decide if you are interested. We’ll look at that in more detail when we return.

– Welcome to the final Friday of March.

– I am Colin Receveur, host of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I am pleased to say that today is episode 375 for this podcast, which is quite a feat.

– Today we are going to talk about writing good content headlines and why that is important.

– In the intro, I likened headlines to someone’s appearance.

– It is usually the first factor we use to decide whether we are interested in someone.

– Thankfully, it is not the only thing.

– Just like with appearance, sometimes the headline is enticing but there isn’t much substance.

– Conversely, sometimes the headline is weak but we take a chance and the substance is better than we expected.

– But what if you could have both?

– Isn’t it awesome when you start a relationship with someone who is both attractive AND has substance?

– That’s why I want to give you some tips on how to get a headline that compels someone to look at your content.

– Why?

– Because there is a lot of competition for people’s attention.

– Your dental prospects are not going to read your blog just because it’s there.

– There are too many YouTube cat videos and Seinfeld reruns to distract them.

– No, your headlines must do something that none (or at least few) of these distractions can do: solve their problems.

– Or at least give them a benefit.

– For instance, take these two examples:

– “Dental Implants Are Great for Replacing Teeth”

– And “Eat the Foods You Love Again With Dental Implants.”

– The idea behind both is the same.

– But in the first example, you expect the reader to understand the implications why teeth need to be replaced.

– In the second, you solve their problem slash give the benefit to using implants.

– It’s a not-so-subtle distinction you should be aware of.

– Notice there is no cute play on words.

– There is no call to action.

– That’s because people see that stuff all day long and have learned to tune it out.

– So write content that is useful to the kind of dental patients you want and top it with a headline that tells them the benefits of the content.

– That’s a successful formula for drawing more potential patients to your dental blog.

I hope you had a successful week and, until tomorrow, keep moving forward.