Dentists Who Use Content Marketing Attract More Patients (part 2)

Patient Attraction Episode 482

Welcome back to day 2 of our look at killer content marketing. Yesterday, I told you that content marketing has two parts: knowing your audience and what they want, and knowing what you have and what you need to give them. We’ll deal with the latter part today. Stay tuned.

– Colin here and thanks for joining me on a Sunday.

– Yesterday I told you how important it is that you are tracking visitors to your website and what they are using.

– This could be the written part of your website, such as the text on the web pages or the testimonials.

– It could be the videos of you and your staff, or of patients.

– It could be images like before-and-after pictures or explanatory graphics.

– It also could be your interactive social media, such as blogs or Twitter feeds.

– But once you see where your dental prospects are going on your page – and where they are NOT going  – you will have a better idea of the content that your web visitors are using.

– So the first thing you need to do is get an idea of what is popular.

– Rank your pages, videos, blogs, etc., for prospect interaction.

– This requires that you KNOW everything you have, so you may have to do an audit of all of your content.

– Now, what did you find?

– Do certain pages get more visitors than others?

– What sets those pages apart?

– Do they contain a different style of writing?

– Do they contain more video or images?

– Why are they the most popular pages?

– Once you determine that, how can you make other pages that fit your strategy more like those pages?

– For instance, if all of your most-viewed pages have a patient-testimonial video on them, then you should probably shoot more patient-testimonial videos for the procedures with the highest margin.

– Your website is a living, breathing marketing tool.

– It needs constant supervision and upkeep.

– A website is not like a sign that you put up once and forget about.

– This is one of the reasons that I encourage dentists NOT to try to serve as their own dental web marketing expert.

– You may very well have the knowledge to do a great job, especially if you have gotten my newsletter, books and DVDs.

– But what you don’t have is the TIME it takes to constantly assess, revise and implement.

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– Come back tomorrow and we’ll talk about the kind of people you should surround yourself with to make your practice a success.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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