Dentists Who Miss This Tip Will Pay the Price

Patient Attraction Episode 580

Most calls to action have a strong benefit statement. “Click here to get our report and watch your life improve.” But I’m going to flip that idea on its head and tell you why a NEGATIVE call to action might be more effective. Stay tuned.

– Regular podcast viewers know that I am a big fan of Dr. Robert Cialdini, about whom I have talked about many times.

– I think there are many lessons to be learned from his research, especially his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

– In it, he lists six principles of influence.

– Today’s podcast is based on the principle of scarcity.

– Dr. Cialdini has shown that people are moved to action more by the thought of loss than of gain.

– So what does this have to do with dental calls to action.

– Rather than telling someone what they can gain by answering the call to action, try showing what they have to LOSE by NOT answering the call to action.

– Here are some examples that you can use with virtually any call to action:

  1. Benefit.

– “Don’t miss this opportunity to get the bright, white smile you’ve always wanted.”

– “Set your appointment now or continue living with those painful, ill-fitting dentures.”

– Tie a benefit statement to acting now.

  1. Deadline.

– “This half-price offer is good for two weeks only.”

– “New patients gets a free checkup and cleaning (valued at $250) through the end of this month only.”

– Why should anyone act now if they can get the offer whenever?

  1. Selectivity.

– “Only the first 20 patients who call will get this special offer.”

– “Seating is limited to the first 50 patients who RSVP.”

– “We have only 15 appointments for new patients remaining this month.”

– This is basic supply and demand economics: the less perceived supply, the higher the demand.

– Let me leave you with one final word on scarcity:

– You can’t offer these “negative” calls to action and then have no negative.

– If you offer a special open to the first 20 people who fill out a form, and you run it for six months, what message does that send you dental prospects?

– Either it is not limited to the first 20 people, costing you credibility, or it has taken you six months to get 20 people, costing you credibility.

– That’s not to say you can’t run the same calls to action ever again.

– You just can’t run them so frequently that there is no scarcity.

– Come back tomorrow when we’ll look at the key elements to creating great video.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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