Dentists Shouldn’t Sleep on Las Vegas Trip

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Patient Attraction Episode 329

Welcome to another week of the Patient Attraction Podcast. I am Colin Receveur of SmartBox Web Marketing, and today I’m going to tell you about a really exciting event that I know will help you diversify your revenue stream and bring you more and better patients. Stay tuned.

– I’m very excited to announce that I will be speaking at the Dental Masters Conference next month in Las Vegas.

– The conference is put on by Dental Sleep Masters, which is co-founded by one of our clients, Dr. Avi Weisfogel.

– Treating sleep disorders is a huge opportunity for dentists, and you can maximize that opportunity by attending this conference.

– There are going to be 50 really great speakers, including me, all talking about ROI and how to improve your dental practice immediately.

– I am speaking at 3:30 on Saturday, March 14, about attracting more and better patients.

– Other topics include:

– The Business of Sleep

– Treating Childhood Sleep Disordered Breathing

– Creating Wealth With Financing”

– Increase Your Production With Botox, Bruxism, TMJ and Sleep

– And Dr. Howard Farran will be giving a One-Day Dental MBA

– And there is so, so much more.

– Not only will you be getting CE credits, it’s Vegas, baby.

– The conference takes place at the Venetian luxury resort hotel and casino during St. Patrick’s Day and the start of March Madness.

– Suites are $200/night until the block is sold out. For those of you who read this on our website or get it via email, you can click the enclosed link.

– If you are listening via podcast or on YouTube, go to our website at, go to the Learn Tab, choose Patient Attraction Podcast, and then click the Read More link under this podcast.

– It is episode 329.

– As I said, that block of rooms won’t last forever, so schedule yours ASAP.

– If you register for the conference before Feb. 15, I can save you $500 off the price listed on the website.

– You can get to the conference registration website by going to and using the promo code Receveur315.

– That’s, no www, and my last name, R E C E V E U R 315, all one word.

– You can thank me for the savings when I see you at the conference!

– I’m looking forward to seeing you.

– Keep moving forward.