Dentists Shouldn’t Do Their Own Videos

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Patient Attraction Episode 878

Seeing is believing, and seeing and hearing happy dental patients give testimonials is a great way to attract more new patients to your practice. But there are a lot of reasons that dentists shouldn’t do their own videos. After the break, I’ll be back to tell you exactly what can go wrong and what to do instead.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– I know a lot of dentists because SmartBox Web Marketing works with more than 550 dentists on three continents.

– That means I’ve seen a lot of dentist videos.

– Some were okay, very few were great.

– Video testimonials are too important to your marketing efforts to be anything less than great.

– Here are some of the things I’ve seen that made for less-than-stellar dentist videos.

– First: lack of preparation.

– A competent video shoot takes a lot of planning about location, lighting, sound, on-screen talent, messaging, and video editing.

– The odds of you getting a great dental video by whipping out your smartphone and asking your patient to talk are laughable.

– First off, where are you shooting?

– In the dental chair, which hardly ever works, in the hallway, or in the waiting room?

– Does the lighting make your patient look ill or cast shadows across their face?

– What distracting things are in the background?

– Second, are you relying on the microphone in your camera, and if so, how do you know that your patient’s voice is all it’s picking up?

– What about other sounds like conversations and ringing phones that will make it hard for the viewer to focus?

– Third, how does your patient come off on camera?

– Nervous, uncomfortable, hesitant, trouble putting thoughts together?

– Is your patient someone who other patients can relate to and believe?

– Your patient is the message, and that message has to be consistent, positive, and credible.

– Great patient testimonial videos are huge assets, but poorly produced ones are liabilities.

– We produce amazing patient testimonials and doctor videos for our dentists.

– Dr. Randy Schmidt, an orthodontist in the Chicago area, said this about our videos.

 “You guys really ‘have it together,’ from getting my website going to all the videos you filmed both in your studio and here in our office. They are very well professionally done!” 

– Dentists will do best to get back to what makes them money – treating patients.

– Leave the videos to the professionals.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.