Dentists Shouldn’t Be Like “Flo”

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Patient Attraction Episode 886

An overemphasis on dental problems and procedures can spell trouble for your content marketing. After the break, I’ll tell you why Progressive Insurance’s “Flo” campaign isn’t a good model for dentists to follow. Stay tuned.

– Thanks for tuning in to the podcast.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Progressive Insurance’s marketing campaign featuring their spokesperson, Flo, is both brilliant and annoying.

– If that sounds like a contradiction, let me explain.

– One of our older SmartBox employees attended some years of parochial school, and he told me how amazing it was that the nuns could work religion into math class.

– But it also got really annoying after a while.

– Flo is a quirky character, but she’s obsessed about Progressive Insurance, bundling, and the company’s online tools.

– That combination of quirkiness and obsession worked originally, but as time went on, her obsession became more annoying than amusing.

– You might disagree with me if you’re a fan, but I can assure you that many former Flo fans aren’t fans any longer.

– There’s a lesson here for dentists to use in their content marketing.

– Much of your content marketing should be focused on dental problems and the solutions to those problems that your practice can provide.

– But unless your mailing list includes a high number of dentistry fanatics, you’ve got to give your audience a break once in a while.

– That means creating content that is only loosely connected to dentistry, if at all.

– People read blogs and follow Facebook and Twitter users to be entertained as much or more than they do for information.

– At some point, they’ll want to know more about the man or woman behind the dental mask so they can decide whether to trust that person.

– Dentistry is a trust-based business, and since dentists are assumed to be competent these days, trust is reserved for people, not outcomes.

– A good rule of thumb is to make 80 percent of your online content about dental issues and solutions.

– You can talk about other things with the remaining 20 percent that your audience may enjoy reading.

– Don’t be like Flo with your dental marketing, and you will continue to attract dental prospects for a long time to come.

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– Until then, keep moving forward.