Dentists Should Avoid These 3 Social Media Blunders

Patient Attraction Episode 617: Dentists Should Avoid These 3 Social Media Blunders

I recently saw a blog that tried to tell businesses three ways they can make social media work. I’m going to use those same three reasons to show you why it doesn’t work for dentists. Today is a bonus social media blast day. Stay tuned.

– Colin here, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Over the last three days, I’ve spoken in great detail about the pitfalls of using social media for organic reach.

– If you haven’t viewed those podcasts, don’t worry.

– They are posted to our website and YouTube channel for you to view at anytime.

– My biggest concern about social media for dentist is that people are not going to social media to find a new dentist.

– Even if you have a lot of Facebook followers in your area, there is no guarantee that you will deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

– So, here’s the list that I came across, and I don’t want you to get fooled by:

– The first point: Don’t Be Boring.

– Simply not BEING boring will not magically make new patients walk into your front door.

– Again, no matter how interesting you are on social media, your audience on social media isn’t ready to buy – or even looking to buy.

– In fact, your social media is likely populated by people who are already your patients.

– Your goal is get patients in your chair, and social media does not help you attract new leads or nurture current patients.

– The second point: Don’t Default to Facebook.

– The real reason why you cannot trust ONLY Facebook for your marketing is that the social media site has a very limited organic reach.

– Companies and brands are finding that the new Facebook Page algorithm allows only small percentage of promotional posts to be viewed by a company’s followers.

– We talked about that a few days ago.

– The third point: Get visual.

– There is evidence that visuals improve sales conversion, but that same information is not applicable to Facebook or social media.

– Social media simply isn’t a forum for dental prospects.

– Your website, however, is a place for prospects.

– That’s the best place to establish your web presence and improve your Google ranking.

– Social media is a wonderful tool for finding your friends and watching cat videos, but I just haven’t seen evidence that it can give you more patients, more profits, and more freedoms.

– There are better ways to attract new patients and nurture existing patients.  

– Are you ready to fast-track your success? Are you ready for more patients, more profits, and more freedom? If so, go to or just and click the green button on the side that says “Get your Marketing Analysis.”

– Thanks, and as always, keep moving forward.


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