Dentists Pay for Customer Service

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Patient Attraction Episode 342

Hello everyone, welcome to the last Sunday of February. I am Colin Receveur, and today we are going to talk about the costs of customer service, good and bad. Stay tuned.

– At my company, SmartBox Web Marketing, we do not sell any kind of customer-service training or packages or any of that.

– We leave that to our good friends and Summit Practice Solutions.

– But I can tell you how important a role customer service plays in getting you more patients, more profits and more freedom.

– I can’t tell you the number of times a client has called me complaining that his marketing isn’t working.

– But when we look at the numbers, he is getting dozens, even scores, more phone calls per month than he was before.

– The problem isn’t with ATTRACTING the patients for that doctor.

– The problem is with scheduling and retaining the patients.

– So let’s look at what good and bad customer service costs you.

– First, how much is each patient worth to you?

– You can figure this by looking at your gross monthly income divided by your number of patients seen.

– Let’s say this number is $1,000.

– Now, what does it cost you to attract each new patient?

– Calculate the costs of advertising and marketing per month.

– Don’t forget employee time for following up with leads and posting stuff on social media.

– Now divide by your number of new patients per month.

– OK, hopefully this number is less than $1,000, but even if it’s not, you can still be making money.

– Here’s why: there is minimal cost to providing good customer service.

– Sure, you might have massage chairs or soothing music, but those costs are negligible over time.

– So keeping your patients is FAR cheaper than gaining new ones.

– And every person an existing patient refers further reduces your costs!

– OK, so we’ve established that keeping an existing patient has a better ROI than attracting new clients.

– What are you doing to make sure your dental practice retains all of your patients?

– Are you putting in as much effort to retain patients as you do to attract them?

– Sure, this is somewhat simplistic.

– You MUST attract new patients if you want to meet your financial and personal goals.

– But the point of attracting new patients is to convert them to patients who stay, pay and refer.

– Our industry leading patient attraction system can deliver you 100 or more new calls per month, but if you can’t get the appointment scheduled and convert the prospect to a satisfied patient, then what has it gotten you?

– Come back tomorrow and we’re going to start a series based on feedback I got from two of our podcasts last year.

Until then, keep moving forward.