Dentists Need to Learn the 7 Percent Rule

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Patient Attraction Episode 369

Back in January, I gave you a podcast called “Dentists Will Never Communicate By Email.” I got a great email from our client and friend Max Gotcher from Summit Practice Solutions about it that I will share with you when we return. Stay tuned.

– I’m Colin Receveur, and we have a great relationship with the practice management experts at Summit Practice Solutions.

– They are not only clients, but friends.

– Co-founder and President Max Gotcher sent me an email that I thought was very astute and want to pass it along to you.

– The email is in response to a podcast I did about how hard it is to communicate emotions via email.

– Here is what Max said:

– “In 1971, Albert Mehrabian published a book, Silent Messages, in which he discussed his research on non-verbal communication.

– “He concluded that prospects based their assessments of credibility on factors other than the words the salesperson spoke – the prospects studied assigned 55 percent of their weight to the speaker’s body language and another 38 percent to the tone and music of their voice.

– “They assigned only 7 percent of their credibility assessment to the salesperson’s actual words.

– “Might help explain why video on a website is so important.”

– It’s so awesome when someone gets its.

– There is a reason 100 million people watch online videos each day.

– More than likely, you’re one of them.

– Think about when you talk to someone in person or see someone on a screen.

– You are not only hearing what they say.

– You make decision and get impressions by:

– Their appearance.

– Their dress.

– The sound of their voice, including their accent, tone and sound.

– Even their subtle body language makes an impression on you.

– If you really want to take your marketing to the next level, think about incorporating video.

– Tomorrow, we’ll look at how to write better content.

Keep moving forward.