Dentists Look at the Wrong Numbers to Measure Success

Patient Attraction Episode 367

How do you measure success? Do you know the right thing to look for? Is there even a “right” thing to measure your success? We’ll tackle this issue when we return.

– Colin here on Thursday, March 19, and today I want to talk about the numbers you should be using to determine your success.

– More precisely, we’re going to look at numbers you should NOT be using.

– I say that because success can only be MEASURED once you know the DEFINITION of success.

– For instance, SmartBox Web Marketing tells dentists we will bring you more patients, more profits and more freedom.

– Depending on what you want, an increase in any of those numbers could be considered a success even though you may not see an increase in ALL of those numbers.

– You could have more patients and more profits but less freedom because you are tied to your practice.

– You could get fewer patients, but they are bigger dental cases, which would be more profitable and give you more freedom because fewer patients means less time in the office.

– So let’s work under the assumption that what you want is more and better patients.

– Here are the things that dentists look at that do not directly correlate to “success” by that metric:

– Increased engagement on social media.

– If you’ve watched this podcast for any length of time, you probably saw that coming.

– It does not matter one bit how many Twitter followers, Facebook Likes, Google groups or people following your Pinterest boards you have.

– The same goes for number of visitors to your website or clicks on your PPC campaigns.

– Sure, these all stroke your ego.

– It is great to know the “reach” and “impact” you seem to have.

– Having an “audience” is a nice thing to throw around when you want to flaunt your prestige.

– But the only reason you should even KNOW these numbers is so that you can compare them to the only number that matters: how many new and better patients are you getting?

– Because what good does it do you to have even an astronomical number like 100,000 Twitter followers if spending all day tweeting brings you fewer new patients than you newspaper ads?

– I can already hear the responses I am going to get:

– “But those numbers are precursors to bringing in more business.”

– Are they?

– You had better know that they do.

– Because there is a BIG gap between likes, clicks and followers and converting into new and better patients.

– What system do you have in place to close that gap?

– It doesn’t happen on its own.

– So stay on top of your glamor numbers if you’d like, but make sure you are doing only to make sure you are getting a high conversion rate into the only number that matters: new patients.

– Come back tomorrow and we’ll look at our final mistake I see dentists making in their web marketing.

Until then, keep moving forward.


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