Dentists Can’t Tweet Their Way to More Patients

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Patient Attraction Episode 431

Earlier this year, Google and Twitter reached an agreement that allows Google to include real-time tweets to appear in search engine results. When we come back, I’m going to tell you whether this is a big deal for dentists or whether you shouldn’t give a tweet. Stay tuned.

– Hello everyone.

– I recently watched a presentation from an SEO reseller about whether social media, specifically Twitter, contributes to your online ranking.

– All of you long-time viewers know that I am not bullish on using social media to find new patients.

– I have never seen evidence that NEW, emphasis on new, patients are following dentists on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, or any other social media.

– Therefore, the ROI on staff time and money spent on organic social media marketing just isn’t there.

– So I was very interested to see what the SEO resellers would say about social media.

– These two guys were talking back and forth and they started out by giving some advice about using social media to engage your customers:

  1. Keep your audience in mind.

– Well, duh.

– That’s good for whatever marketing you are doing.

  1. Produce quality content.

– Ditto from above.

  1. Contribute to the conversation with something valuable.

– OK. Makes sense.

  1. Build relationships with your audience.

– If you have enough time to tweet back and forth with people online, or to respond to Facebook messages in a timely manner, your schedule isn’t full enough.

– And it’s not going to get filled up by tweeting and Facebooking.

– Then they really got to what I was looking for: does social media benefit your rankings>

– I quote, “Google has said this: There’s no direct connection between a Tweet (at least at this point) and some sort of signal to improve your rankings.”

– They went on to say that social media is good for getting people to link to your content, which is good for SEO value, and for bringing attention to your brand.

– So, in short, they are saying that you can use social media to drive people to take the actions that can increase your ranking, but using social media alone won’t do it.

– Another validation for what we have been telling our clients for years:

– You can use organic social media, but don’t invest significant time or money into doing so.

– Share the blogs and other content you create automatically through your social media channels.

– But don’t go out of your way looking for prospects on social media.

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– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.