Dentists Can Succeed Advertising on Social Media (Part 4)

Patient Attraction Episode 652

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Social media advertising is an entirely different beast than what YOU are used to as a social media user. You’re making a HUGE mistake if you underestimate the time commitment and resources needed to establish successful social media marketing. It’s time to ante up or leave the table. I’ll tell you more after the break.  

– Colin here, and over the past few days, I’ve discussed how social media advertising has taken a giant leap and is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years.

– The biggest leap in social media advertising is the targeting that allows users to hone in on demographics and even personalize campaigns using the person’s interest and purchasing behaviours.  

– What does all of this mean for you?

– Well, don’t expect the average Facebook or Twitter account to count for much more overnight – or in the next few years.

– In fact, as these social media companies begin to expand advertising platforms, you can expect the free services to get less and less attention, especially if your intent is to use it to make money.

– A recent study found that the organic reach for Facebook’s Page feature this year was between 1 and 2 percent, which is down from 16 percent in 2013.

– It’s likely no coincidence that the organic reach for Page has made a precipitous drop just as Facebook has expanded its advertising platforms.

– To me, the message is clear.

– Your generic public Facebook or Twitter account does not mean much today, and it will not bring you more and better patients.

– Companies like Facebook have hooked users with an incredible experience, and now they are ready to collect.

– To be successful on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook means dedicating a significant amount of time and money to the process.

– Most dentists who dabble in social media are using a bare-bones account and believe posting periodically will help their practice.

– I encourage my clients to use social media to help build valuable SEO for their website, but I warn them that sites like Facebook and Twitter are not where people go when they are looking for a dentist.

– Companies like Facebook and Twitter are happy to let you believe that your generic public account is working, but don’t be fooled.

– These companies want your money and will continue to shield your message and decrease the reach of your public account until you pony up the dough.  

– Are you ready to fast-track your success? Are you ready for more patients, more profits, and more freedom? If so, go to or just and click the green button on the side that says “Get your Marketing Analysis.”

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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