Dentists Can Succeed Advertising on Social Media (Part 3)

Patient Attraction Episode 651

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There is more to social media advertising than crafting a message and hitting post. The process takes plenty of resources to hit the right patients at the right time. Stay tuned, and I will give you some tips on how to approach social media advertising.

– Colin here, and welcome back to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Yesterday, I gave you a few tips that will help you determine if social media advertising is right for you.

– I’ve never been a huge proponent of organic social media marketing, but I want YOU to be informed about what’s on the market and how paid marketing can affect your dental practice.

– So, here are the final 3 tips to consider when weighing the benefits of social media advertising.

– 3. Test ads in small samples.

– The beauty of social media is that you can tell almost instantly if people are drawn to your post.

– The same applies to the advertising features.

– A beta test can help you see how your advertisement is trending in a smaller audience before you unveil that big campaign.

– 4. Change up your ads frequently.

– Think back to last Super Bowl.

– Your favorite advertisement was probably hilarious the first or second time you saw it, but you probably did not have the same reaction when you saw it again for the 100th time 6 months later.

– The same applies to your social media advertisements.

– Viewers get tired of seeing the same old advertisements, and this happens at an alarmingly high rate.

– Studies show that social media users grow weary of an ad after 3 to 5 days.

– That statistic should concern you if you are DIY marketer, because 1 social media ad campaign can eat up a lot of your time and cost some serious cash.

– If you use social media advertising, do yourself a favor and check your click-through rates often to see when it’s time for a change.

– That’s important because social media companies like Facebook will penalize you for low click rates.

– 5. Keep things mobile-friendly.

– There are hundreds of millions of people using social media, and a majority of them are using mobile technology.

– Studies show that Twitter users access their account on a mobile device 86 percent of the time while Facebook users access their account using mobile devices 68 percent of the time.

– Optimize messages that are mobile-friendly both in design and use.

– Mobile device users have reported that native advertising is “very or somewhat effective,” so it’s

critical NOT to overlook this large crowd.

– Join us again tomorrow to hear my final segment on social media advertising.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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