Dentists Can Succeed Advertising on Social Media (Part 1)

Patient Attraction Episode 649

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I know I spend a lot of time telling dentists how they are misusing social media, but that’s not to say social media can not serve as a useful purpose in your dental marketing efforts. When we return, I’ll tell you how the tide of social media marketing is drastically changing. Stay tuned.

– Colin here, and welcome to the patient attraction podcast.

– Today, I’m launching into the first part of a four-part series on social media advertising.

– I recently discovered a blog that identifies some ways advertisers and small business owners like yourself are achieving success through social media marketing.

– WARNING: It’s has nothing to do with they way most people view or use social media.

– In fact, the difference between how you know social media and how advertisers use social is about as different as a domestic house cat and a lion.

– Here are some of the facts.

– Advertisers spent more than $5 billion (that’s billion with a B) on social media marketing in 2013, and that number is expected to hit more than $14 billion by 2018.

– It’s clear that social media is raking in the money off advertising.

– If you’re like me, you’re not interested about what someone pays but rather what they GAIN from the service.

– You can spend money until you are blue in the face, but is that system giving you the results you want?

– That’s the BIG QUESTION with social media, and one that I continue to explore in this week’s podcasts.

– Here’s what I know: Studies show that Facebook advertisements are 8 times more likely to get clicks than traditional online ads.  

– Likewise, promoted tweets, which are purchased tweets that appear on user timelines, are about 3 times more likely to be seen than regular banner ads.

– That’s why about 80 percent of marketers in America are using promoted tweets, and why Facebook is making billions of dollars from advertising.

– The social media advertising platform has evolved because it uses a focused marketing strategy to find businesses the right customers.

– You can set your advertisements to reach a certain demographic or group that would be your ideal patients.

– Advertisers are finding ways to harness the power of Facebook and Twitter to help their businesses thrive.   

– There are hundreds of millions of people connected through social media, and studies show that they are clicking on and engaging with ads.  

– If you’d like me to evaluate your website and tell you how it can be improved, go to, go to the Learn tab, click Products, and then click on The Swift Kick Dental Website Review about halfway down the page. You can order a customized 30-minute video critique of your site, social media presence, online patient reviews, dental videos and more using our 131-point dental web marketing checklist.

– Join me again tomorrow to hear why begging for social media likes will not help grow your practice.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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