Dentists Aren’t Following Up With Patients

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Patient Attraction Episode 368

Don’t you hate it when a patient comes in, gets an introductory exam and cleaning, and you tell them they need a filling or crown, only to never hear from them again. When we come back, I’m going to tell you how you are doing the same thing to your dental prospects. Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin here on Friday, March 20.

– Many dentists don’t realize that they are just like the patients who drive them crazy but not coming in for follow-up visits.

– For instance, if a prospect calls your office, are they guaranteed to speak to someone?

– Or do callers sometimes “fall through the cracks?”

– Do you have a new patient hotline number so that you know who is a new prospect and who is an existing patient?

– Do track where the prospects who do call heard about you?

– Follow-up is one of the biggest problems I see when I talk to dentists across this country.

– The problem usually lies in one of two areas:

  1. There is too little follow-up.

– This means that office staffs aren’t asking for phone numbers and email address when someone calls.

– Even if they are, the staff usually has to manually follow up with any prospects using a calendar or excel spreadsheet, and manually typing out an email, printing out a letter or making a phone call.

– This is not a good way to stay in front of someone who has shown at least some interest.

  1. Follow-up is haphazard.

– Almost every dentist I talk to tells me one of two things about how they know where new patients come from: we don’t or we ask the patients.

– Obviously, if you don’t know where new patients are coming from, it is awfully hard to know which marketing messages are working and which are not.

– But asking patients isn’t much better.

– I did a dental podcast back in October on this topic.

– To summarize, people’s memories are notoriously bad, and the dentists who rely on patients to tell them where they first heard about the dentist are likely to get bad intel.

– This is why we are such big fans of automated follow-up.

– Specifically, we use and endorse Infusionsoft.

– It is such a robust system and makes lead tracking and follow-up a snap.

– We also use call tracking that uses different phone numbers for different marketing streams.

– That way there is no question where a lead came from.

– All of this and more is contained in my book, “Attract More Patients in the Next Six Months Than in the Last Six Years.” The book is the culmination of all my marketing expertise, and it can be yours for only the $4.97 cost of shipping at while supplies last.

– I hope you’ve found this series interesting and helpful.

Have a great weekend, and keep moving forward.