Dentist Should Do THIS to Building a Local Following

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Patient Attraction Episode 532: Dentist Should Do THIS to Building a Local Following


If you are a of a certain age, you can probably remember when getting a story in your local newspaper or TV station was about the best publicity you could get. And both are still good, especially as TV and newspapers become “multimedia companies” by expanding onto the web. Today, I want to help you expand your public relations into true multimedia opportunities. Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin here and welcome to another week of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– My company, SmartBox Web Marketing, uses an industry-leading patient attraction system to attract dentists more and better patients through web marketing.

– Usually I record these podcasts for DIY dentists who want to manage their own web marketing and those who have a firm but want to be more informed about what they are paying for.

– Most of these podcasts don’t apply to our clients, because we handle their web marketing from top to bottom.

– But today’s podcast applies to our clients and not-yet-clients alike.

– One thing we do not do is public relations.

– We do not pitch stories to the mainstream press, niche publications, or bloggers.

– We write press releases that sometimes get picked up by media, but that isn’t really their goal.

– So today, I want to help every dentist in our audience step up his or her public relations game and start creating some buzz about your practice.

– The best advice I can give you is to focus LOCALLY.

– If you are in a small town, that is easy.

– Local means your town and maybe even some be even some towns around you.

– But if you are in a metropolitan area, local doesn’t even mean your whole city.

– It likely means your neighborhood and some neighborhoods around you.

– So here are some tips for building local PR:

  1. Get your patients talking about you online.

– This can be through reviews, Facebook and Twitter posts, blog shares.

– Encourage your patients to connect with you via social media and share their experiences with you where they can.

  1. Participate in local clubs, events, and groups.

– This can be sponsoring T-ball teams, joining the local Kiwanis or Chamber of Commerce, or participating at local health fairs.

– It gets your name out into the community and shows you are an active participant.

  1. Follow local news and blog sites – and contribute as frequently as possible about dentistry.

– This is a good way to create new contacts and links back to your website.

– It also helps develop your expertise in the community.

  1. Be accessible to local media and bloggers.

– Never be too busy for an interview that will bring you CREDIBLE publicity.

– Ignore calls from the crackpot with a blog about alien abduction; respond to a PR staffer at the local hospital who is doing a blog about dental health.

– I hope these tips help you get your name out in your community and boost your local PR.

– Come back tomorrow when we will look at the kinds of employees who help your business and the kinds that hurt it.

– Until then, keep moving forward.