Dental Transformation Tuesday: Dr. Raleigh Pioch

Patient Attraction Episode 470

Would you like to quadruple your collections. When we return, I’m going to tell you how one of our clients did exactly that. Stay tuned.

– Colin here, and today is very special because I get to announce some exciting podcasts we are going to be doing for the next month.

– For the next four weeks, Tuesday’s will be Transformation Tuesday.

– I’m going to share the story of how someone has close to me has transformed his business for the better.

– Today, I’m going to talk about Dr. Raleigh Pioch from Salem, Oregon.

– Dr. Pioch is a really great guy, a former football player at Michigan State, just a rock star.

– But he had to overcome some real challenges when he started his practice.

– First, he bought a dental practice and got married all at the same time.

– So he and his wife, who is also a dentist, were figuring out their personal and professional lives at the same time.

– Second, he picked one of the most competitive dental markets in the country.

– Salem has about 500 people for every dentist – about 4 times the national average.

– Finally, the Piochs merged two practices and had to deal with the staff and patient changes that came with them.

– But Raleigh was smart.

– He saw he was smothered by debt and the business was floundering.

– He reached out to our colleagues at Summit Practice Solutions, and they help set him on the right path.

– Part of that path was contacting us.

– We helped Raleigh integrate our industry-leading patient attraction system and dominate his competition.

– He was so successful that he took collections from $800K to $3.2 million in just six years.

– The Piochs paid off their debts and sold their practice.

– Isn’t this every dentists’ dream?

– Now he is building another practice on a few miles from his new home in suburban Portland, Oregon.

– And driving his $200,000 sports car.

– I love to tell people Raleigh’s story because it shows that with hard work, working with the right people, and determination, dentists can achieve their goals.

– That’s why we get Raleigh to give us testimonials.

– And why we wrote a case study on his success.

– If you are interested in finding out how Dr. Raleigh Pioch went from $800K in collections to $3.2 million in only 6 years facing one of the most competitive markets in the country, get a free download of our case study at

– Come back tomorrow when I have another exciting podcast announcement to make.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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