Dental Transformation Tuesday: Dr. Darold Opp

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Patient Attraction Episode 477

Think about your bank account. All the time, saving, hard work that have gone into putting that money there. Money you have plans to provide for you and your family. Now imagine if it were all wiped out overnight. When we come back, I’m going to tell you about a client who lived that very scenario – and came out ahead. Stay tuned.

– Thanks for joining me for our second Transformation Tuesday.

– I’m Colin Receveur, and today I want to tell you about Dr. Darold Opp, a dentist for Aberdeen, South Dakota.

– Dr. Opp is a good dentist and a good man.

– He and his wife give to a charity that helps rescue at-risk children who live in a garbage dump in Honduras.

– He has gone there and seen where children are run over by the giant wheels of garbage trucks.

– Where children dig through piles of trash rather than go to school.

– Where children’s biggest dreams are to grow up and be garbage men.

– Yet somehow fate and an unscrupulous adviser put him in position to go from millionaire to broke with the stroke of a pen.

– Many lesser men would have given up at that point.

– Instead, Dr. Opp thrived.

– He created an event called SmilePalooza that catered to children and families.

– He invested in marketing, and he was good at it.

– He partnered with us at SmartBox Web Marketing to take advantage of our industry-leading patient attraction system.

– And he replaced 24 years of savings in less than 5 years.

– He ended up with a $3.3 million practice…

– referring out any procedures he didn’t want to do, including high-end money makers like oral surgery, implants, sedation, etc.

– working Monday through Friday 8-5.

– in Aberdeen, South Dakota, with a prospect base of about 41,000 people.

– It’s really a remarkable story, and I have only given you the highlights.

– There’s another secret to Dr. Opp’s success, but I don’t want to ruin it for him.

– If you want to learn the secret of how Dr. Darold Opp replaced 24 years of savings in less than 5 years, get a free download of our case study at

– Come back tomorrow and we will have another Wayback Wednesday classic podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.