Dental Social Media Marketing Competition Heats Up

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Patient Attraction Episode 988

Facebook is still the unquestioned king of social media. But due to Facebook’s algorithm priorities, dentists who want their Facebook paid ads to be seen will have to step up their game. I’ll be back after the break to tell you more. Stay tuned.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– Facebook’s revenues from paid social media ads topped 7 billion dollars in 2016.

– That would seem to make Facebook a great marketing opportunity for dentists.

– In the past, I’ve urged dentists to stay away from social media paid ads because the ROI is just too difficult to measure.

– Facebook has made some strides in firming up their metrics.

– But numerous recent reporting errors still make Facebook advertising a somewhat dicey proposition.

– Still, if you’re willing to take a chance on not getting everything you pay for, Facebook does offer some opportunity.

– You can make Facebook advertising work for your dental practice, but not just any old ad will do.

– Facebook’s news feed algorithm gives priority to posts by family and friends.

– Unless you’re marketing to social media hermits, your Facebook ad is potentially competing with hundreds or thousands of other posts every day.

– That’s a lot of distraction from your ad, and you need to take steps to make sure your ad is noticed.

– Here are 4 tips for Facebook ads with impact.

– Number 1: Relevance gives your ad wings.

– It’s a basic rule of marketing that your content has to be relevant to your audience.

– Use Facebook’s built-in Relevance Score feature to determine your ad’s relevance to your target audience.

– Relevancy is also an algorithm ranking factor.

– Number 2: Visual is best.

– A visually striking and appealing ad is more likely to be remembered and shared.

– Visual ads also get higher priority.

Number 3: Make it worth your reader’s while.

– Your ad has to offer something of value to make to your practice stand apart.

– Financial offers may be limited by your state regulations, but the value doesn’t have to be monetary.

– It could be, “Discover why more people prefer cosmetic dentistry from Dr. X!”

– And number 4: Get them to take action.

– Always include a CTA like “Call now” or “Click here to learn more!”

– Follow these 4 tips for creating Facebook paid ads that pay for themselves, and more.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.