Dental Marketing to the GOM Segment!

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There’s a large segment of the U.S. population – about 35 million people – that represents an excellent dental practice growth opportunity for dentists. That is, IF you know to market to them. I’ll be back after the break with the first part of a two-day series on how to identify with and market to Grumpy Old Men.

– Colin Receveur here, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I’m a big fan of Bob Bly, an award-winning direct response copywriter.

– Bob put out a fabulous guide to marketing to men who were born in 1958 or earlier.

– It’s called “Marketing to GOM (Grumpy Old Men): 10 Tips for Selling to the Age 50+ Male Market.”

– So much of what he wrote makes perfect sense for dentists that I want to share his tips with you.

– So, who are Grumpy Old Men?

– Bob says that they’re grumpy for several reasons.

– One reason is health issues, and while he doesn’t mention dental problems in his guide, that makes perfect sense.

– You’re well aware of the dental issues that can occur as we age.

– GOM believe in traditional medicine and want to trust their physician (or dentist).

– The second reason that Grumpy Old Men are grumpy is that they feel like life is passing them by.

– They feel out of step and old, and those two things combine to make them resentful.

– They’re often resentful of Wall Street, the government, Social Security, and “those damned kids.”

– Bob says GOM relate best to people like them, and would rather see a medical professional with gray hair and a few wrinkles than a fresh-faced young kid.

– They also want to save money and respond well to free offers as well as sales, discounts, and bargains.

– With those points in mind, let’s look at Bob’s first five tips for marketing to Grumpy Old Men.

– First, if you can identify what irks them and be sympathetic, you can bond with them on a deep emotional level.

– For instance, a GOM with bad teeth may resent all the perfect smiling faces he sees on TV.

– Fortunately, you have a solution for that.

– Second, position your solution as an investment that will pay dividends over time.

– That might include stressing how much better he’ll feel when he eats.

– It might be the ability to once again eat foods he loves.

– Or it might be that he’ll be comfortable smiling again.

– Third, show him how your solution will help him keep what he has: his natural teeth, or at least most of them.

– Fourth, avoid horror stories about not having the recommended treatment.

– Stress the positive aspects and benefits.

– And fifth, emphasize how your solution will allow him to live more fully and with greater happiness.

– At 35 million strong, Grumpy Old Men are well worth marketing to.

– But you need to understand what motivates them and will make them respond to your marketing.

– In Sunday’s podcast, I’ll explain more about what makes Grumpy Old Men tick, and how to market to them.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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