Dental Marketing Emails that Patients Will Read

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There was a time when email marketing was thought to be dead. No more! The keys to success are to craft the right KINDS of emails AND to stay in front of your current and potential dental patients. I’ll be back with the details after the break.

– Email remains a very good marketing technique for dentists.

– But there are some very specific keys to success.

– Hi, I’m Colin Receveur, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– At SmartBox Web Marketing, we are big proponents of drip email marketing for dentists.

– Drip marketing means staying in front of your patients by regularly sending out carefully timed emails.

– But timing means nothing if patients won’t OPEN and READ your emails.

– And emails that patients WILL read aren’t very effective if they’re not sent on a regular basis.

– We’ve done a lot of podcasts about drip marketing.

– If you’re not familiar with the idea, you can go to and click on Services to learn more about drip marketing.

– Today, I’ll begin a four-part series on effective dental email marketing.

– Let’s see how to create an email that grabs your current and potential patients’ attention.

– That all begins with a killer subject line.

– We know from extensive experience that avoiding pain motivates people.

– That could be physical pain, or emotional pain like embarrassment, shyness, or fear.

– Your subject line has to address your patients’ dental concerns.

– AND it has to suggest an action they can take to find a solution that provides relief.

– Like opening the email to read more.

– Subject lines in emails have to be brief, because they can get cut off on mobile devices.

– Some experts recommend no more than 50 characters in length.

– Subject lines also have to be clearly written and very explicit about the contents of the email.

– Make sure that whatever your subject line offers is in the email; DON’T bait and switch.

– That kind of tactic leads to loss of trust and high unsubscribe rates.

– Also, it’s VITAL that you avoid spam triggers in your subject lines.

– Because of the tactics that spammers use, words like “free,” “cash,” and “quote” can send your emails into your patients’ spam folders.

– Even “click here” can send your email into Spamland.

– So, what might be a great subject line?

– How about this: “Crooked Teeth? Learn About Our INVISIBLE Solution!”

– It addresses patients’ concerns and it offers a solution.

– It invites them to learn about the solution, which requires opening the email.

– It’s 50 characters long, and it doesn’t contain a spam trigger.

– Use these tips to create attention-grabbing subject lines for emails that your patients will see and want to open.

– In tomorrow’s podcast, I’ll present part 2 of our 4-part series on effective dental email marketing.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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