Dental Front Desk “Mining” for Accurate Tracking

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Patient Attraction Episode 798

Research shows that dental patients are unreliable when recalling how they heard of your practice. If you’re not tracking every new patient phone call, you’ll need to rely on your front desk to get more accurate information. I’ll be back after the break to share some conversational tips that can help you know what parts of your marketing are working.

– I’m Colin Receveur, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– At SmartBox Web Marketing, we strongly recommend telephone tracking for all of our dentists.

– Automated phone tracking assigns a unique telephone number to each piece of marketing.

– Calls are then tracked and recorded automatically.

– You can tell which parts of your marketing are attracting new patients.

– Without telephone tracking, you’re dependent on patient self-reporting.

– That’s unreliable at best, but there is something your front end staff can do to improve accuracy.

– One is to ask follow-up questions.

– If a new patient says he found you online, your staff should ask whether that was your website, your blog, your social media pages, or a paid ad.

– If the patient doesn’t recall, your staff can ask what search engine the patient used to locate you.

– From there, staff can gently nudge the patient to recall whether it was an organic listing or a paid ad.

– They can also ask what terms the patient searched for.

– If the patient saw a TV ad or heard a radio spot, your staff should ask what channel or station.

– If the patient saw a newspaper ad, ask what day the patient saw it.

– If the ad wasn’t running that week, you can discount it as a source of referral.

– And if the patient says he or she was referred, make sure your staff gets the referrer’s contact information so you can follow up with thanks.

– It’s best to come up with some conversational cues to help your staff practice and work them naturally into a new patient phone call.

– The conversational cues will help you get a somewhat more accurate idea of your marketing’s effectiveness.

– Dr. Randy Schmidt, an orthodontist in the Chicago area, is a big fan of our exclusive Zetetics® phone tracking.

Our daily phone log and recorded calls into our Internet phone number we’ve been very pleased with … you’ve done one heck of a great job.”

– I’ll have more ideas on our next podcast to help you attract more and better patients.

– Until then, keep moving forward.