Dental Content Marketing Will Fail Without This 1 Step

Patient Attraction Episode 496

Yesterday we covered a lot of the “why” of content marketing, and today I want to get into more of the “how.” Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin here on day 2 of our 5-day look at content marketing.

– As I said in yesterday’s podcast, there are three parts to a successful content marketing campaign:

  1. Strategize
  2. Create.
  3. Distribute.

– Let’s look at the details of each one.

– Strategize is nothing more than planning and organizing your campaign.

– But, frankly, this is where success or failure is decided.

– First, set your goals.

– What are you trying to get out of this campaign?

– I hope it is new patients, but it could ALSO be increased exposure, lead capture, and brand recognition.

– Next, think of what content you need, when you will need it, and who is responsible for it.

– Those last two are easily overlooked; without ownership and deadlines, your project will never get done.

– Then, decide how much time and money are you devoting to the campaign.

– Time likely means from you and your staff, and money in developing the content, changes to your website, and paid promotion.

– Finally, how are you going to promote your content?

– On your website, via landing pages, or PPC?

– What are you going to do to announce to the world that your content exists?

– Once you have the thinking part of the project done, it’s time for the doing.

– That is where you create your content.

– Remember, content can mean website content, videos, graphics, reports, articles, white papers, blogs, webinars, and more.

– This is a huge undertaking.

– Finally, you have to distribute your materials.

– Putting forms on your website and landing pages is a tried and true way of capturing leads in exchange for the content.

– But how do you get people to the web forms?

– Social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., can generate traffic.

– So can posting content summaries and links to LinkedIn.

– Don’t forget about using your blog not only to release the content, but to promote it as well.

– You can also send emails to existing contacts making them aware of your new content.

– Actually, that explains those in too little detail.

– Come back tomorrow and we’ll talk about how dentists can use multiple communications channels to spread the word about their content.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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