Dental Content Marketing to Convert Prospects

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Patient Attraction Episode 866

The single goal of your content marketing should be to get more patients in your chairs. Do you know the steps to turn a consumer of your online dental content into a paying patient? Stay tuned – after the break, I’ll run down the stages of converting your prospects to new dental patients.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur, Founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Most dentists these days do some form of content marketing.

– That marketing may be through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other channels.

– Most dentists think that the goal of content marketing is to achieve name recognition and top-of-mind awareness.

– That definition is right in part, but it doesn’t go nearly far enough.

– Infusionsoft® posted an interesting article on the psychology of buying that included the stages people undergo through content marketing that’s done right.

– Those stages are stranger to subscriber; subscriber to fan; and fan to customer.

– See what they did there? The end goal of content marketing is to create more paying customers.

– And that’s what dentists want and need to grow their practices.

– All the name recognition in the world won’t get you new patients.

– That takes content marketing that helps your prospects move through those stages of transformation.

– The first stage is stranger to subscriber, and you have to tell your readers or watchers the exact action you want them to take.

– That could be subscribe to this blog, our RSS feed, email alerts, our newsletter, or what have you.

– Once they’re getting a steady stream of informative, useful, and interesting content, they’re ready to take the next step: from subscriber to fan.

– They’ll become a fan because you’ve established yourself as a trusted dental expert.

– In this stage, calls to action are to visit your website or call for an appointment.

– From there, those fans are primed to choose you to solve their dental problems.

– And when the time is right, they will choose you – but only if you keep the end in mind, which is to convert strangers into paying patients.

– Dr. Michael Abernathy, owner and founder of Summit Practice Solutions, knows that SmartBox helps dentists turn prospects into profit.

– “Colin’s systems guide you on how to attract potential patients to your website, what kinds of blogs, videos, content, and pictures to put on your website, and how to keep your name in front of potential patients and turn them into paying patients.”

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.