Defining Your Worth as a Dentist

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Patient Attraction Episode 885

Dental patients have any number of reasons for rejecting your case solutions. After the break, I’ll be back to tell you why learning to accept those rejections can actually help you to help more patients. Stay tuned.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– Dental “selling” is something that many dentists never really get comfortable with.

– And that’s a shame, because you can’t help a patient who rejects your case solution.

– Even worse, a lot of dentists take rejection personally.

– They figure that they must have had the wrong approach, the wrong tone of voice, or the wrong explanation or their patients would have agreed.

– That does happen, but that’s not the main reason patients don’t agree to your solutions.

– Many dental patients go into your case presentation believing that they’re not going to accept anything more than what you’ve done.

– That may sound idiotic, but it’s true.

– Your patients might have heard horror stories about dentists selling unnecessary work.

– To those patients, your case solution is the equivalent of a used car salesperson’s pitch.

– That attitude has nothing to do with you or with the worth of your solution.

– It’s a self-imposed delusion that keeps those patients from accurately evaluating your solution.

– Other patients are prepared to reject your solution based on cost or inconvenience.

– Unless you’re seriously lowballing your prices or going to ridiculous lengths to minimize treatment times, there’s nothing you can do to convince them.

– Again, their rejection has nothing to do with you.

– Finally, some patients reject your solutions because they’re afraid of pain, disappointment, or embarrassment.

– With work, you can convince some of those patients, but not all of them because those emotions are irrational.

– That means that reason and logic won’t work.

– If you accept that the problem with your case presentations isn’t you, you’ll actually sell more of your solutions.

– Because you’ll relax, and that will keep you from unintentionally sending physical or verbal signals that your patients can misinterpret.

– You know the worth of what you offer your patients – now make sure that you know your own.

– You can attract more patients who value what you offer.

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