Dedicated Dental Phone Apps Aren’t Worth It

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Patient Attraction Episode 991

The world of mobile apps is exploding. Every day seems to bring one or more new, “must-have” apps for your phone. Dentists should be wary about jumping on the app bandwagon. When we come back, I’ll tell you why. Stay tuned.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Are you thinking that your dental practice should have its own phone app to communicate with your patients and prospects?

– You might want to think again.

– Third-party mobile phone apps are everywhere these days, but their days may be numbered.

– As phone operating systems become ever more complex, there’s more opportunity for third-party apps to conflict with the system.

– Even an app that worked perfectly when released may lock up the operating system when a system update is installed.

– And nothing gets an app removed and blackballed faster than a phone that has suddenly become a brick.

– Some third-party apps also have a history of compromising phone security and even stealing user information.

– More and more people are wary about putting third-party apps on their phones.

– And even though phone capacity is huge, by early standards, too many third-party apps eat up storage space and can slow processing.

– You might have located what you think is the app of the century.

– But there are 3 questions you should ask yourself before offering it to your patients and prospects.

– First, do they want it?

– Millennials and younger folks may live their lives on their phones, but that’s not necessarily true of the 50-and-up crowd.

– And even millennials are becoming wary of downloading third-party apps.

– Second, do they need it?

– Smartphone penetration is huge, at around 80 percent.

– And the vast majority of smartphone users also have text messaging service and email on their phones.

– What is your app going to do for them that can’t be accomplished through texts or emails?

– And third, what happens to you if something goes wrong with your app?

– The answer to that question is nothing good.

– The idea of having your own dental phone app may be appealing, but this is one appeal that you’d do well to resist.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.