Could This 1 ‘Vanity Project’ Attract Dentists More Patients?

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Patient Attraction Episode 537: Could This 1 ‘Vanity Project’ Attract Dentists More Patients?


Podcasting is incredibly popular in the United States. I saw a number recently saying that more than 40 million people, about 15 percent of the country, regularly listen to a podcast. For the next two days, I’m going to tell you how dentists can get in on this growing trend. Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin Receveur here on another Saturday edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– You may not realize it, but you are part of an amazing group of dentists.

– You are one of the 8,000 dentists who watch or listen to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– You may get it through your email and watch via YouTube, or go to Amazon or iTunes and listen.

– No matter how you get it, I’m glad you do.

– But what would you think about being on the other end?

– What does it take to do a dental podcast?

– It’s not as difficult as you might think, and for the next two days, I’m going to tell you how YOU can become Internet famous.

– First, let’s talk about why dentists should do a podcast:

– It’s more than a vanity project.

– Sure, it’s cool when someone gives you feedback to a podcast or you see your numbers of viewers and subscribers go up.

– But more importantly, a podcast is quality content that establishes your credibility with patients.

– Plus, the more people share your podcast, the broader your marketing reach.

– So what do you have to do to create a podcast?

– First, you’ll need some equipment.

– For these podcasts, I’m going to focus on audio-only podcasts.

– I would not encourage you to jump into video podcasts.

– I do one every day, and it eats up a bunch of my time and that of my staff.

– First, you’ll need a professional microphone.

– This can range from a headset with built-in mic to a professional grade microphone.

– You can easily find a good mic at my favorite shopping spot:

– Plan to record your podcast and do some editing onto your computer.

– You’ll likely use GarageBand on a Mac.

– For PC users, I encourage you to use a free program called Audacity, which is pretty simple to use.

– Make sure your files comply with iTunes’ requirements.

– Then you’ll need somewhere to store your podcast.

– We use Amazon, but there are other options as well.

– Next, you’ll want to upload to iTunes.

– You can go to iTunes and get the specifications on how to upload.

– It’s pretty easy, especially with some of the hosting services.

– Finally, add a feed to your podcast from your website.

– You’ll also want to regularly link to your podcast from your web pages and blog posts.

– So that covers it.

– Guess we don’t need tomorrow after all.

– Wait, what?

– Oh, our videographer is reminding me that I forgot a very important part: the CONTENT.

– Come back tomorrow and we’ll talk about what makes a great blog.

– Until then, keep moving forward.